21 Cool Things to Do in Conroe, TX

Positioned north of Houston, Texas, along interstate 45, Conroe is more than a suburb of the big city–which this list of the best things to do in Conroe will prove!

Prior to damming the San Jacinto River and creating an area for family fun, this seat of Montgomery County passed through history as both a timber and oil town. 

Here’s what to do in Conroe, TX.

Agave bush in the foreground of the photo with Lake Conroe in the background on a cloudy day

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Best Things to Do in Conroe

Go fishing on Lake Conroe.

With over twenty miles of length, Lake Conroe offers some of the best hybrid bass fishing in the state, along with other fish to keep you busy on the lake. 

With dozens of marinas around the lake, you won’t have any trouble finding the best spots to throw a hook.

Fishing rod extending out into a lake with a hand holding it on an overcast day

Rent a boat for the day.

Sticking to the lake theme, you don’t have to bring your own boat to enjoy Conroe’s lake. 

Several boat and wave runner rental businesses are found on the lake, so you can have fun on the water without towing your own into town. 

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Fly in a B-17 Bomber.

The Montgomery County Airport, located in Conroe, is host to one of WWII’s most significant planes, an original B-17 flying fortress. 

Not only can you visit this great piece of history, but it is occasionally open for paid rides for those who wish to soar in the clouds to gain a perspective felt by the greatest generation. 

Even the bombardier’s seat is open for the right price, and if you can swing it, this is no doubt one of the most memorable things to do in Conroe. 

B-17 bomber from WWII era flying through blue skies. Visiting these planes is one of the most fun things to do in Conroe TX

Visit Jimmy Buffet’s Margaritaville Resort.

Touted as the “perfect blend of lake latitude and island attitude,” this new resort boasts lakeside restaurants, along with hundreds of suits and cottages that will make any parrot head of the tropics feel right at home. 

Whether playing a round of golf or relaxing by the water, this resort has special offers and prices for native Texans. 

Visit one of Conroe’s city parks.

Conroe loves parks, and with over 26 of them to choose from, you will not have a dull moment. 

Spread across town, these parks have everything from bike trails designed by mountain bike enthusiasts to ponds stocked with trout (you don’t even need a fishing license to catch them!). 

All parks have full-service sports fields, one with twenty soccer fields ready to be played on. 

Playground at a small park in Conroe Texas with benches in the foreground and a swing set in the background

Stop in For a local brew and entertainment.

Many people who visit Conroe, don’t realize there are three fantastic microbreweries located in town. 

Southern Star, B52’s, and Copperhead breweries are all wonderful spots to enjoy fresh cold beers while enjoying great entertainment on the weekends. 

Live music and games are available for your enjoyment at all three locations, and these spots definitely rank among the best places to visit in Conroe.

Tour Conroe’s historic downtown.

Mainly built during Conroe’s oil boom years of the 1920s and 30s, the many brick buildings have been renovated in recent years, by locals to house some of the most unique shopping, art, and eating experiences around. 

With buildings tightly located amongst one another, park your car and spend a few hours exploring the many interesting buildings on foot. 

Shop and restaurant owners are known for their love of their building’s history, so be prepared to have them share what they know. 

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Go for a hike at a national or state park.

With the Sam Houston National Forest and W. G. Jones State Forest located just outside of town, there are plenty of places where the avid hiker can explore the piney woods of East Texas. 

These managed forests have some of the most beautiful virgin pines growing in them. 

Bring a picnic and some drinking water with you, and prepare for a great day spent in nature.

Piney woods in Sam Houston National Forest as seen looking up

Stop by Conroe’s Heritage Museum.

What it lacks in size, this small museum makes up in the amount of history found inside. 

With evidence of over 150 years of local history found inside, take a break from the heat to enjoy its exhibits. 

Visit Conroe’s 7-Acre Wood.

Located in the city of Conroe this place is fantastic for kids, with its petting zoo, miniature golf, and concessions of food and drink.  

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Enjoy all 3 brews at the best restaurant in town.

The Red Brick Tavern, located in the historic downtown area, has some of the best food for dinner in town. 

Enjoy a wood-fired pizza drizzled with balsamic sauce as you listen to live music and enjoy local and more national beer. 

The Red Brick Tavern is located directly behind the Creighton theatre, so it makes for a good place to eat before watching a play. 

Sip on local rum.

If you prefer your adult beverages on the harder side, sneak in a visit to Bartletts Distillery for some tasty and local made rum. 

Not only can you sample their rum, but the provided tour of how it is made will pique your interest as well. 

Glass of rum with a wood barrel visible behind it

Shop at The Woodlands Mall.

For those who wish to enjoy a more modern shopping experience, The Woodlands Mall boasts 1,350,000 square feet of shopping experience of some of the best name-brand stores around. 

Enjoy the best breakfast in Conroe.

When hungry for breakfast, check out The Toasted Yolk, Conroe’s best breakfast spot. 

The menu that sets them apart from the others is their unique take on classic eggs benedict. 

Called Arnold’s, these special divine dishes fuse original benedicts with a few different flavors you have to try to understand. 

You can also start your day off right with a great mimosa with breakfast. 

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Take a paddlewheel ship cruise.

When in Conroe, you must have at least one dinner on the Southern Empress, a paddlewheel cruise on Lake Conroe that provides dancing, dinner, and great sites of sunsets over the water.   

The lake’s beautiful sunsets mean that this is absolutely one of the best things to do in Conroe!

Sunset over Lake Conroe Texas

Enjoy a classic Texas pastime at the rodeo.

Each year in March and April, the Montgomery County Fairgrounds, located in Conroe, puts on its annual rodeo and cookoff competition. 

Come hungry, the participants in the cookoff make more food than most can handle, as they hand out free samples all weekend during the cookoff. 

If the rodeo itself is not for you, there are rides at the fair for everyone to enjoy. 

Pick your own blueberries.

If you feel like having some fresh blueberries come by the original, Moorhead’s Blueberry Farm to fill as many buckets up as you want.

Get ready for a walk as the farm covers 20 acres and advertises over 20 different kinds of blueberries during the growing season. 

Blueberries being picked from a bush with 2 hands visible holding them. Picking blueberries in the summer is one of the best things to do in Conroe TX

Enjoy the theater. 

With its very own historic vaudevillian playhouse built in the Italian-Romanesque style, you can enjoy one of many plays, put on each year at the Creighton Theatre. 

Don’t be satisfied with watching only one play however, as a split in the acting group a few years ago created a second troupe, playing at the Owen Theatre down the street. 

Enjoy a dinner downtown and then attend one of these great playhouses each weekend throughout the year. 

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Walk or kayak along the Woodlands Waterway.

Just a short drive from downtown Conroe, we find a great place to shop, eat, or hang out at the Woodlands Waterway. 

Rent a kayak and take a paddle on this miniature human-made riverwalk or simply take a romantic stroll beside it at night. You will not be bored as the nightlife in this area comes to life after dark. 

Woodlands Waterway at sunset with greenspace visible on either side of the water

Pull your boat to shore for food and fun right on the water.

When you are tired of fishing or skiing on the lake all day and need a break from the sun, visit one of the many restaurants and bars along Lake Conroe’s shores. 

Restaurants and bars such as Fajita Jacks, Papas on the Lake, Wolfies and Sam’s boat, not only provide a place to tie your boat off while you eat but provide late-night entertainment with fun in the sun games such as beach volleyball. 

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Where is Conroe?

Conroe, Texas, is located about 40 miles north of Houston, with downtown intersecting at Interstate 45 and Hwy 105.

It encompasses a large area, close to Lake Conroe with a population of around 90,000 people.

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