How to Visit Old Baldy in Wimberley (AKA Prayer Mountain)

For a quick, easy, and utterly beautiful view of the Texas Hill Country, you can’t beat the short climb up Old Baldy in Wimberley (also known as Prayer Mountain, and sometimes Mount Baldy).

Located just a short drive from downtown Wimberley, this whimsical staircase is well worth the short and sweaty climb.

Here’s what to know before you visit Wimberley’s Old Baldy!

staircase leading up mount baldy in wimberley

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Why Visit Prayer Mountain in Wimberley?

In short, the 360-degree view of the Wimberley Valley in the Hill Country is the main reason to visit.

The park is small, so you won’t need to spend much time here, but it’s a fun viewpoint and a great way to work up a sweat before going for a swim at the Blue Hole or Jacob’s Well!

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What’s it Like to Visit Mount Baldy in Wimberley?

The climb up to the top of Old Baldy consists of a 218-step limestone staircase, that will deliver you to a paved limestone viewpoint overlooking the beautiful Texas Hill Country.

There is little to no shade, so be prepared to swelter under the sun a bit, but it doesn’t take long to complete the hike.

Really, calling a trip to Prayer Mountain a hike at all really overstates things–but this is also not an accessible viewpoint. Visiting requires climbing the staircase, and there’s really not much to see from the base.

We love the view and enjoy visiting whenever the weather is reasonable (by Texas standards). If you’re visiting in the summer, we highly recommend coming in the morning!

Kate Storm with her puppy Ranger Storm on top of Mount Baldy, one of the best wimberley tx things to do

How to Get to Old Baldy

To reach Mount Baldy, drive about 2.5 miles from downtown Wimberley to 33 LaToya Circle.

There’s not a major parking lot to speak of, but as you approach, you’ll see a small gravel pull-off where a handful of cars can park at a time.

Directly across the street, the first steps of the staircase will be visible.

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What’s With All the Names?

Old Baldy, Mount Baldy, Prayer Mountain: wondering what’s going on with all the names?

Officially, this location is the Old Baldy Park, which is owned and operated by the City of Wimberley. The “Baldy” part of the name is a reference to the lack of vegetation at the top of the hill–it does indeed look a bit bald!

The Prayer Mountain name is a reference to the inspirational messages–some, though not all of which, are references to scripture–that are painted onto rocks that you’ll pass as you climb to the top of Old Baldy.

view of wimberley prayer mountain summit on a sunny day

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