Kate Storm in front of the former post office of luckenbach texas, one of the best things to see in luckenbach

Hi, I’m Kate!

This Texas travel blog is dedicated to sharing the many beautiful places to visit, quirky attractions, and fun things to do in the Lone Star State. 

Together with my husband Jeremy, our dog Ranger, and a team of local writers, I’m determined to document every corner of Texas here on Lone Star Travel Guide (eventually).

While spending more than 4 years traveling the world full-time (I share those experiences over on Our Escape Clause), I learned that while just about everyone has heard of Texas, non-Texans tend to picture cowboys and deserts when thinking of our state, while Texans are more likely to tell you about bluebonnets, the beauty of the Hill Country, and the importance of barbecue and breakfast tacos.

Kate Storm swinging over the Wimberley Blue Hole

My intention for this site is to create the ultimate online Texas travel guide, useful to both first-time visitors looking to get beyond cowboy stereotypes and to lifelong Texans looking for new weekend getaways, hikes, or fun attractions close to home.

While that is a years-long–or possibly lifelong–project, it’s an incredibly rewarding one, and I cherish every day that I spend learning a little bit more about the state that I have called home on and off since birth.

Thank you so much for stopping by–we’re thrilled to have you here!

Kate Storm standing in front of the welcome to texas sign along i-40, which replaced historic route 66 tx