13 Stunning Waterfalls in Texas (+ Map to Find Them!)

Non-Texans may be more likely to associate desert landscapes and open plains with the Lone Star State, but in reality, Texas’ extreme diversity means that there’s a surprising number of cool waterfalls in Texas!

Here are some of the best Texas waterfalls around, including popular local swimming holes, treasures hidden inside state parks, and even a few urban waterfalls.

Waterfall in Zilker Botanical Garden in Austin

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Best Texas Waterfalls in National + State Parks

Texas’ system of 80 state parks, along with its 2 national parks, means that you’re never far from an interesting natural highlight when exploring Texas.

Here’s where to head if you’re chasing waterfalls in Texas!

How to Hike the Gorman Falls Trail in Colorado Bend State Park

Gorman Falls, Colorado Bend State Park

Gorman Falls is widely considered to be one of the most popular Texas waterfalls, and for good reason: its incredible width paired with its height makes it incredibly striking!

It’s a 3-mile round-trip hike to visit Gorman Falls, and the trail does get congested at times–consider getting an early start to avoid the crowds.

Gorman Falls in Colorado Bend State Park, one of the best waterfalls in Texas

Pedernales Falls State Park

The Pedernales Falls are one of the most subtle waterfalls on this list: they gently cascade down the Pedernales River, from pool to pool, without any huge drops.

That being said, they’re beautiful, and one of the best waterfalls in Texas for swimming!

Pedernales Falls State Park with a swimmng hole taking up the majority of the photo

Cattail Falls, Big Bend National Park

Tucked into a quiet corner of Big Bend National Park, the Cattail Falls are serene and lovely to observe.

Keep in mind, though, that the environment around them is quite fragile, so be very careful not to disturb anything as you visit.

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McKinney Falls State Park

The McKinney Falls may be fairly small, but they are lovely–and make for a fantastic place to swim near Austin!

Small waterfall over limestone at MicKinney Falls State Park TX

Window Trail, Big Bend National Park

The Window trail is one of the most popular hikes in Big Bend National Park–and the window itself looks down upon a beautiful Texas waterfall (the intensity of the waterfall, though, depends on the weather).

Be sure to watch your step on the slick rocks during the final portion of the hike!

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Cool Urban Waterfalls in Texas

Not all of the coolest waterfalls in Texas are nature-made–engineering and art has brought some remarkable waterfalls to Texas’ cities, as well.

Here are some of the most notable!

Waterwall Park, Houston

Houston’s Water Wall is obviously artificial, but that doesn’t detract from its mesmerizing beauty: at 64 feet tall and with a semi-circular shape, the water wall is positively striking to look at.

Waterwall in Houston Texas with the wall taking up the bulk of the image

Zilker Botanical Garden Waterfalls, Austin

Zilker Park is a beloved centerpiece of Austin, and its botanical garden includes plenty of stunning waterfalls that are perfect for snapping photos of or simply relaxing in front of while in the heart of the city.

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Wichita Falls, Wichita Falls

The current 54-foot Wichita Falls that grace the city of the same name are definitely manmade, complete with a bridge in front of them that you can walk across for the best view.

However, there were once natural waterfalls nearby, which is where Wichita Falls got its name. Those original waterfalls, though, washed away in a flood in the 19th century.

3-tiered Wichita Falls with a bridge in front of them

Japanese Tea Garden Waterfall, San Antonio

San Antonio’s Japanese Tea Garden is a beautiful, peaceful corner of the city–and its impressive 60-foot waterfall certainly adds to the beauty!

Stone bridge in Japanese Tea Garden in San Antonio Texas with its waterfall visible in the back right of the photo

More Texas Waterfalls to Visit

Hamilton Pool Preserve, Dripping Springs

As one of the most popular swimming holes in Texas, the Hamilton Pool Preserve in Dripping Springs is an absolute marvel to behold.

The collapsed grotto formed a beautiful pool, which is fed by a 50-foot waterfall–check out the top photo on this Texas waterfalls blog post to see what it looks like.

Depending on conditions, you can sometimes swim here.

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Krause Springs, Spicewood

Featuring 32 springs, plenty of small waterfalls, and a variety of places to swim, Krause Springs is one of the best Texas waterfalls to visit if you’re looking more to cool off on a hot day in the Texas Hill Country than to photograph a particularly tall set of falls.

Krause Springs in Spicewood with a small set of falls visible in the back left among foliage

Chalk Ridge Falls, Belton

These short-but-wide falls along the Lampasas River are perfect for swimming in!

Located just a few miles off of I-35, Chalk Ridge Falls Park is a fantastic roadside stop when driving between Austin and Temple, or alternatively, is a must-see addition to a trip to Belton, Texas.

jeremy storm and ranger storm on top of chalk ridge falls belton texas

Westcave Waterfall, Round Mountain

Located on private property not far from the much more famous Hamilton Pool Preserve, visiting the gorgeous Westcave Waterfall requires a guided tour–but this grotto is beautiful enough to be worth the trouble.

Check out our guide to visiting Westcave Preserve!

kate storm standing with her arms spread in front of westcave waterfall

Map of the Coolest Texas Waterfalls

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