7 Prettiest San Antonio Waterfalls to Visit

San Antonio may not be known for towering waterfalls or rushing rivers, but there are still several gorgeous waterfalls in San Antonio to enjoy!

This guide serves as a list of all of the top waterfall locations in and around San Antonio.

Some are natural, some are man-made, and all of them are beautiful. 

Whether you’re looking for a beautiful place to take pictures in San Antonio or just want to enjoy the peaceful experience of relaxing in front of a waterfall, these spots are for you!

small waterfall along the riveralk as shot with a long exposure

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The Best San Antonio Waterfalls

Brackenridge Park

Brackenridge Park is at the cross-section of San Antonio’s main attractions.

There are several trails that break off and lead to the zoo or the theatre.

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Additionally, you can enjoy the open space adorned with sculptures or other works of art.

The land conservancy has several large water areas, and a couple of them have waterfalls that are a beauty to check out against the natural landscape.

Without a doubt, the best places to find beautiful San Antonio waterfalls in the park are in the San Antonio Botanical Garden and in the Japanese Tea Garden.

Stone bridge in Japanese Tea Garden in San Antonio Texas with its waterfall visible in the back right of the photo

The Grotto

The Grotto was created by an artist whose lineage has contributed to the art scene of San Antonio for 3 generations.

It’s a cool man-made water feature that resembles a face made of stone. The water cascades freely through the front, and you can walk behind the stream to take photos as well.

The inside portion makes for a really nice backdrop, whereas the outside is reminiscent of amusement park water rides and adds a more fun element.

There are some benches for more seating and you can come in the evening time as well when some of the lights are turned on inside.

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Hemisfair Park Waterfall

The Hemisfair area is pretty much where most of the action happens during festival times in San Antonio.

It is fairly close to the midpoint of the city and gets packed with people who come to see the Tower of Americas.

Near that area, there is a manmade San Antonio waterfall that is similar to the famous Fort Worth Water Gardens in that it has a similar tiered structure with water flowing down the sides.

You can often see people shooting graduation or wedding photos here and it is a cute spot to grab a snack, sit and enjoy.

long exposure of hemisfair park water feature, one of the prettiest san antonio waterfalls

San Antonio Riverwalk

In general, the Riverwalk is sprawled out over many miles, however, along the water, there are often water features that pop up.

The general Riverwalk was included because there are so many unique falls and fountains that you’ll catch along the way that are not named or distinguished.

There is the staircase waterfall or the waterfalls near the Embassy Suites Hotel at the RiverWalk.

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All of these are wonderful bits of bliss along the way to your next food stop!

Despite being a popular tourist destination, there are fragments of the Riverwalk that are less populated.

If you’re on foot the best recommendation is to follow the flow of runners or bikers on the Riverwalk, chances are they’ll lead you to the trail network that’s a little less crowded but just as beautiful!

small waterfall san antonio texas riverwalk

Acequia Park

Acequia Park is a small, local park near The Missions. This park was made over 300 years ago by the Spanish.

Their irrigation techniques are still visible today through various means.

One of the byproducts of their efforts is the San Antonio waterfall in the park.

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The park is connected to the main areas through the trail network that forms most of downtown and the Riverwalk.

The waterfall seemingly pops up “out of nowhere” in the sense that the surrounding area isn’t particularly rocky but rather lush and green. This waterfall is actually the management of overflow from the nearby Espada Dam.

You can essentially follow the water all the way back to the city center. The hiking trails themselves aren’t very difficult, and are pet-friendly!

espada aqueduct in san antonio texas

Beautiful Waterfalls Near San Antonio

Willing to head a bit further out of town to enjoy beautiful waterfalls near San Antonio? 

Try one of these Hill Country destinations!

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Pedernales Falls State Park

Pedernales Falls is a natural waterfall that flows over giant slabs of natural limestone.

The Pedernales River has been rushing over this area for millions of years, leading to the creation of multiple layers of limestone over the years.

You can stand at the base of the falls and take photos, there are a couple of alternative overlook spots indicated on their trail map as well. You can choose a hike to those locations depending on your skill level.

It ranges from easy to very challenging and also varies in length from less than half a mile to almost ten miles.

There are also several swimming spots in the river if you want to wade your way through the park!

Just be sure to wade in at a designated swimming spot, as swimming isn’t allowed in Pedernales Falls itself.

pedernales falls as seen from above, one of the best texas hill country state parks

Cascade Caverns

Cascade Caverns is located in charming Boerne, TX, located just 30 miles from San Antonio.

The waterfall itself is manmade through the center of the “ceiling”, however, the remaining cavern is all-natural, made from years of water dripping and slowly eroding away the rock.

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These caverns offer public tours but unfortunately is not very handicap accessible.

Due to flooding in the summer months, it is best to go during the dry season.

There is a more advanced, adventurous spelunking tour offered during those months for those who are interested in actual cave exploration rather than the more common walking tours. 

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