14 Best Things to Do in Boerne, TX

Located just north of San Antonio, there are more than enough fun things to do in Boerne, TX to captivate daytrippers and visitors looking for a Hill Country weekend getaway alike.

Packed with beautiful natural sights–both above and below ground–as well as excellent food and plenty of opportunities to discover Boerne’s (pronounced “Bernie”) German heritage, Boerne, Texas makes for an unforgettable Texas small-town experience.

Here’s what to do in Boerne!

limestone church on a hill overlooking boerne tx

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The Best Things to Do in Boerne, TX

Explore the Cibolo Nature Center.

The bald cypress trees lining Cibolo Creek in the beautiful Cibolo Nature Center are immediately eye-catching, and well worth adding to your list of things to see in Boerne.

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Beyond simply the beautiful creek views, though, Cibolo Nature Center has plenty more to offer, including a beautiful boardwalk, more than 6 miles of trails to explore, and even replicas of local dinosaur tracks.

cibolo creek lined with bald cypress trees as cibolo nature center, one of the best places to visit in boerne texas

… and Herff Farm.

Operated by the same group that runs the Cibolo Nature Center, Herff Farm focuses on fostering Boerne’s community and promoting sustainable living, which includes everything from hosting community events (including Boerne’s farmer’s market!) to welcoming visitors to enjoy its walking trails.

The project is grounded in the Herff Farm Homestead, which keeps life in 1850s Boerne alive for visitors to see today.

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Browse downtown delights.

On the Hill Country Mile and beyond, Boerne is packed with memorable boutiques, restaurants, coffee shops, and more–all of which are waiting to be explored during a trip to Boerne.

downtown shops in boerne texas with texas flag in the background

Check out the Kuhlmann-King Historic House.

Built in the 1880s by William Kuhlmann, a German immigrant to Texas, the Kuhlmann-King House is one of the oldest homes in Boerne!

Unfortunately, you really need to plan ahead to explore the interior–it’s only open from 10:00 AM to 3:00 PM on the second Saturday of the month–but the exterior is easy to visit and worth a quick look (though hard to spot from the road–trust your GPS with this one).

front facade of kuhlmann-king house in one of the best german towns in tx, boerne texas

Relax at Boerne City Lake Park.

Did you know that Boerne has its own lake, complete with everything from a fishing pier to a boat dock?

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Whether you want to spend a full day on the water or just catch a beautiful sunset, Boerne City Lake Park absolutely belongs on your list of Boerne attractions to visit.

ranger storm enjoying sunset at boerne city lake park, one of the best things to do in boerne texas

Hit the trails via the Boerne City Trails System.

Navigating through town and several parks, Boerne’s trail system is an absolute delight (and part of the reason that years ago when we were house-hunting in San Antonio, we were very tempted by a house in Boerne!).

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Grab a drink at Random Beer Garden (or one of Boerne’s breweries).

Located near Boerne City Lake Park and featuring more than 80 beers and ciders on tap, the popular Random Beer Garden is a fantastic stop while in Boerne!

It’s also far from the only place to enjoy craft beers in Boerne: Cibolo Creek Brewing Company, Dodging Duck Brewhouse, and Boerne Brewery are just a few more great options.

red letters spelling "random" at random beer garden at sunset

Get underground at the Cave Without a Name.

Featuring beautiful, intricate formations, some would argue that the Cave Without a Name is the most beautiful cave in Texas–which is part of how it got its (lack of) name.

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In 1939, a contest was held to name the cave, and a boy won with the suggestion that the cave was simply too pretty to have a name.

Ever since, this cave has been referred to as the Cave Without a Name.

stairs leading into the cave without a name boerne tx

… or Cascade Caverns.

Cascade Caverns has been an informal, and later formal, tourist attraction dating back at least to the 19th century, and it is incredibly beautiful.

An adventurous spelunking tour of its lower cave systems will take you all the way to the aquifer that lies beneath the cave–but more traditional tours, showing off the stunning Cathedral Room, are also worth a visit.

Personally, though, we count our experience spelunking in Cascade Caverns as one of our favorite Texas travel experiences of all time!

Kate Storm and Jeremy Storm wearing muddy clothes after an adventure tour in Cascade Caverns, one of the best caves in Texas
If you do take an adventure tour, be sure to wear clothes you don’t care about: this is what we looked like when we finished our tour!

Visit the Agricultural Heritage Center and Museum.

While the Agricultural Heritage Center and Museum primarily operates as an agricultural museum (featuring, among other things, some very cool antique tractors) and bluegrass venue, it’s also home to some of the most unique things to do in Boerne, including blacksmith classes and dutch oven workshops!

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Check out Boerne’s wineries.

It wouldn’t be a Hill Country town without plenty of wineries!

If you’re looking for tasty wine tastings in beautiful surroundings, be sure to check out some of the wineries in Boerne and the surrounding area. 

Popular options include (but certainly aren’t limited to) Saint Tryphon Farm and Vineyards, Bending Branch Winery, and Sister Creek Vineyards.

red wine being poured into a glass. wine tasting is one of the best things to do in boerne tx

Kick back at River Road Park.

Located along Cibolo Creek, this shady, picturesque park is a fantastic place to rest your feet and enjoy watching some frolicking ducks and geese while visiting Boerne, TX.

view of the sidewalk trail along cibolo creek with ducks and geese, one of the boerne attractions

Explore Kreutzberg Canyon Natural Area.

Set on the beautiful Guadalupe River, Kreutzberg Canyon Natural Area is known for its swimming, fishing, and birding.

There are also 3 miles of beautiful trails to explore!

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… or head further outside of town to visit Guadalupe River State Park.

Want to visit what is arguably the most beautiful part of the Guadalupe River?

Head a bit further outside of town–about 20-25 minutes from Boerne, give or take–to the beloved Guadalupe River State Park!

Often considered one of the best Texas Hill Country state parks, you can’t go wrong with a day spent tubing, swimming, or hiking at Guadalupe River State Park.

Guadalupe River in Texas lined with cypress trees

Where is Boerne, Texas?

Boerne is located about 15 miles north of San Antonio, tucked into the Texas Hill Country.

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Exploring the best things to do in Boerne can easily be combined with a visit to other Hill Country favorites like Bandera, Comfort, or Canyon Lake.

Iconic Fredericksburg is about 45 minutes (or 39 miles) north of Boerne, Texas–but the drive is beautiful!

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