Buc-ee’s Food Guide: 21+ Tasty Road Trip Snacks to Try

Wide-open spaces, loud country music, and Buc-ee’s beaver nuggets: some things are just synonymous with a road trip in Texas. If you’re looking to branch out from your Buc-ee’s snack staples, though, there is a whole world of delightful Buc-ee’s food out there to choose from!

Buc-ee’s is packed with an overwhelming amount of beaver-themed merchandise, from lawn chairs to bathing suits to home to decor and beyond (plus gas and those famously clean restrooms, of course).

No trip to Buc-ee’s, though, is complete without grabbing a snack for the road.

display case of buc ee's food including cheesecake

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… And while I say snack, let’s be clear: these Texas-sized snacks from Buc-ee’s can easily be built into a meal, especially when you start adding sandwiches and/or tacos to the mix!

Based on many, many trips to Buc-ee’s–including one taste-testing trip where we sampled almost 20 Buc-ee’s snacks in one fell swoop–here at the snacks that we recommend adding to your next Buc-ee’s food break.

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(One last side note: if you’re an out-of-state newcomer hailing from one of the newer non-Texas Buc-ee’s locations, welcome!

And also, you should definitely plan a trip to Texas–just saying).

front facade of buc ee's travel center with yellow jeep parked in front

Classic Things to Eat at Buc-ee’s

Breakfast Tacos

Breakfast tacos are a Texas staple, and Buc-ee’s is no exception!

If you’re looking for tasty food at Buc-ee’s between 4:00 AM and 11:00 AM, head directly to the breakfast tacos.

Personally, I’ll always be partial to the brisket breakfast taco, but the hippo taco (made with eggs, beans, bacon, cheese, and potato–close to the full gamut of breakfast taco ingredients) is also incredibly popular.

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There are not one, but two places to buy jerky at Buc-ee’s.

You can find Buc-ee’s jerky both at the jerky counter, located next to the bakery and on the Jerky Wall, where you’ll find pre-packaged versions of the many, many jerky varieties.

wall of beef jerky for sale, one of the best bucees snacks


Fresh barbecue sandwiches, made daily not only in-house but front and center in the Texas Round Up, are a staple Buc-ee’s food and a must-try when visiting.

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Sure, the barbecue doesn’t stack up to classics like Black’s or The Salt Lick (this is technically still a gas station, after all), but it’s tasty and well worth the price.

My favorite is the sliced sausage sandwich, Jeremy usually opts for the brisket.

buc ees employee slicing brisket in the texas round up buc ees


Buc-ee’s makes quite a few candies, but none are as beloved as their gummies!

The sour gummy worms are particularly tasty, but if that’s not your thing, don’t worry–there are plenty of options to choose from.

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Buc-ee’s fudge rates its very own counter section of the store–a surefire sign of a road trip snack classic.

With flavors ranging from traditional (chocolate, chocolate peanut butter, mint chocolate) to inventive (blueberry cobbler, birthday cake) to downright odd (watermelon), there truly is a fudge for every sweet tooth.

Personally, the mint chocolate is our go-to.

bucees fudge display case, one of the best foods at bucees gas station

Beaver Nuggets

And, of course, we can’t forget the most classic Buc-ee’s food: beaver nuggets.

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These tiny, sweet corn puffs are coated in brown sugar and caramel–think a lighter, airier version of caramel corn.

They’re downright addictive, and easily the most famous Buc-ee’s snack of them all.

I’m sure we’re not the only Texans that have fulfilled requests from out-of-state friends and family to arrive bringing Beaver Nuggets when we visit!

selfie of kate storm jeremy storm and ranger storm in a car with beaver nuggets buc ees

More Savory Buc-ee’s Snacks


The savory version of kolaches, klobasneks are a delicious grab-and-go snack that have the benefit of being very easy to eat on the road.

Buc-ee’s stocks all the classic flavors, and the sausage-cheese-jalapeno will forever be my go-to.

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Meat-and-Cheese Cups

A handful of slices of Buc-ee’s summer sausage, cheese cubes, and a few pretzels for crunch: if you’re looking for a protein-fueled snack from Buc-ee’s that’s easy to eat in the car, you can’t go wrong with this sampler.

meat and cheese cup from bucees travel center being held up in front of case

Sizzlin’ Saltines

Look, beaver nuggets are great and all–but for me personally, the Sizzlin’ Saltines are the most addictive Buc-ee’s snack around.

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Spicy and delicious, these crackers pack a punch (be sure to grab a napkin before digging in, as your hands will definitely end up covered in spice).

Their snack cousin, the Ranchin’ Saltines, are also tasty, but the Sizzlin’ Saltines are my personal favorite.

sizzlin saltines and ranchin saltines in bucees snack foods to eat

Deli Sandwiches

These are not your average gas station sandwich!

Buc-ee’s sandwiches make an easy and tasty lunch.

The pastrami Reuben is particularly beloved (and for very good reason).

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Trail Mix

Buc-ee’s take on one of the most classic road trip snacks of all is delicious and–unsurprisingly–comes in plenty of flavors, ranging from classic to Southwest Trail to Blazin’ BBQ Trail.

display of bucees trail mix classic, one of the best buc ees food to eat

Beaver Chips

Sure, you can pick up a standard bag of pre-packaged potato chips at Buc-ee’s–but instead, opt for the fresh chips fried in-house daily.

Just be sure that you don’t accidentally spill the cone on your way back to the car (a lesson we may have learned from experience).

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Buc-ee’s Nug-ees

Not to be confused with beaver nuggets, nug-ees are also corn puffs, but these come in savory varieties like white cheddar and “bold and sorta spicy”.

shelf of buc ees nug ees for sale in different flavors

Sweet Treats at Buc-ee’s


Cheese and cherry for life as far as I’m concerned, but Buc-ee’s pecan pie kolache is also a favorite!

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Yogurt Pretzels + Animal Crackers

Yogurt-covered pretzels are one of my favorite road trip snacks of all time, and Buc-ee’s version is no exception!

Their yogurt and/or chocolate-covered animal crackers are also tasty.

bucees yogurt pretzels being held in front of camera

Double Fudge Brownie

I’m pretty picky when it comes to brownies–so many that are for sale out and about are too dry, too cakey, or don’t pack enough flavor.

Buc-ee’s Double Fudge Brownie, though, flirts with the line between brownie and fudge perfectly.

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Ah, pralines: so small, so sweet, so temptingly placed right by the checkout counter.

One last praline is a common final addition to a Buc-ee’s shopping trip!

small display case selling pralines and other sweet treats by bucees checkout counter

Banana Pudding

This is an extremely classic take on a banana pudding–and I’ve paid twice as much for puddings half as good more than once in my life.

If you’re a banana pudding fan, you’ll love this (just don’t forget to pick up a spoon before checking out–they’re usually in a basket on top of the refrigerated case).

If you’re looking for something a bit more tart, their key lime pie pudding is also delicious!

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Homemade Rice Krispy Treats

I’m a fan of the classic version, which isn’t overly sweet, but the salted caramel flavor is also fantastic.

one of the best bucees snacks, rice krispy treats, for sale

Sugar Roasted Nuts

You can pick up pre-packaged ones if you’re in a rush or looking for a bigger volume, but the best options are over by the fudge, sitting in a warming station.

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Fresh Fruit Cups

Feeling like you need to sample a healthy Buc-ee’s food after all these enchantingly unhealthy options?

A cup of fresh sliced fruit might be just the thing.

refrigerated case of food buc ee's including fruit and sausage

More Buc-ee’s Food to Sample (Or Take Home)

Believe it or not, this Buc-ee’s food guide still doesn’t cover even half of what to eat from Buc-ee’s!

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Other offerings on the Buc-ee’s menu include but definitely are not limited to coffee (both fresh cups and grounds to take home), pickled quail’s eggs, cookies, homemade apple pie, and cheesecake (by the slice or an entire cheesecake, your choice).

You’ll also find popcorn balls, salads, wine, an enormous variety of fountain sodas, pickled okra, chocolate pudding, pecan logs, vacuum-packed sausages, and even fresh salads when shopping for food at Buc-ee’s!

shopping basket full of food bucees

And P.S.: if you’re new to the world of Buc-ee’s you may have thought that I was kidding about the beaver-themed bathing suits for sale amongst all of these tasty Buc-ee’s snacks.

I wasn’t:

beaver themed buc ee's bathing suits for sale

4 photos of buc ee's food items, black and red text on a white background reads "bucees snack guide"

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    • Hi Robin! As far as I know, Buc-ee’s doesn’t have an official online store, but some people do buy and re-sell the snacks on sites like Amazon. I have a friend who has had beaver nuggets shipped to her through Amazon!

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