11 Delightful Fort Worth + Dallas Waterfalls (+ Nearby Hikes!)

Looking to enjoy the beauty of a charming waterfall without going far? If so, these Dallas waterfalls and Fort Worth waterfalls are for you!

Sure, there aren’t a ton of spots in the DFW area that compare to the size and breadth of popular Turner Falls in Oklahoma (though they make a great weekend getaway from Dallas!), but these are great spots to come and relax nonetheless.

This guide to waterfalls in Dallas and Fort Worth has a mix of smaller spots that have multiple little falls, and larger falls that are intended for “show”.

wide fort worth waterfall on a sunny day

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Some are natural (and even weather-dependent) spots that can be accessed via a waterfall hike, while others are manmade urban waterfalls (though that doesn’t take away from their charm).

These are all great places to stop and have a picnic nearby or grab some photos. 

If you’re looking to enjoy waterfalls in Dallas, Fort Worth, or the surrounding area, here’s where to look!

small fall as seen along one of the waterfall hikes near dallas fort worth

Dallas Arboretum

Dallas Arboretum is a top favorite for new adventurers in Dallas, and home to one of the easiest waterfalls in Dallas to visit!

The gardens are so well curated and they constantly have something new happening in and around the park.

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During Christmas, the entire Arboretum is converted into a winter wonderland, but despite the other frosty touches all of the water features continue to run.

There are several water features located throughout the gardens.

The main waterfall at this location has a cute walkway behind the water which you can take photos in. The alcove has small benches as well. Definitely a cute Dallas date night location!

waterfalls in dallas arboretum with lily pads in the foreground

White Rock Lake Spillway

White Rock Lake is a popular spot for people to come out and enjoy a sunny summer day, and that includes to enjoy some waterfalls in Dallas.

There is a long winding trail that is great for hiking, and wonderfully enough there are some small waterfalls hidden inside!

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There is a separate parking lot to access these Dallas waterfalls a little easier.

This area is near the Dallas Arboretum, which has a wonderful view of White Rock Lake.

If you are near the Dallas city center, this is definitely a must-see!

white rock lake spillway, one of the waterfalls in dallas texas

Prairie Creek Park

Prairie Creek Park is a little further out in Richardson, about a 20-minute drive from Central Dallas.

Prairie Creek runs through a really beautiful greenbelt area, this would be perfect for a longer waterfall hike near Dallas.

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This waterfall is fairly difficult to find because there isn’t much signage but a little internet sleuthing will help you a ton.

Some of the maps along the trails also have directions but you might have to be deep on a trail to locate them.

There are adjoining benches and parks to enjoy a quick lunch or an outdoor workout.

dallas waterfalls running over a stone formation

Airfield Falls

There is another great aquatic spot near Fort Worth.

Airfield Falls Trailhead & Conservation Park is near Burger Lake and is surrounded by beautiful greenery and foliage.

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The park is named due to its neighboring Naval Air Station. A little over a half-mile into the park, you’ll find some of the most picturesque Fort Worth waterfalls around.

The park has a native monarch butterfly population as well as other native species. If you have a wildlife lover in your group this is the place to be!

airfield falls, a wide multi-level waterfall, one of the best fort worth waterfalls

Wagging Tail Dog Park

With all these great spots, you know that we couldn’t leave out a spot for our furry friends! The park is fairly big at around 7 acres, and it allows dogs to be off-leash within the premises.

There are separate areas for dogs depending on their size, the park leads to the observation deck for the waterfall over White Creek.

There are other trailheads leading inside the park from other entrance points but this is the one that is best for those with pups!

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Fort Worth Water Gardens

The Fort Worth Water Gardens consist of 3 separate pools with cascading water on all sides, and while they are clearly manmade, they’re easily the most popular waterfalls in Fort Worth!

This is a perfect spot to take some photos or have a picnic lunch. This area is open until fairly late, and it is right next to Sundance Square.

This park is in more of a city setting so you can do some attractions nearby and walk over.

This is the perfect place to pause during a downtown stroll, and definitely Instagram-worthy!

two people enjoying the fort worth water gardens, one of the most popular waterfalls in fort worth texas

Trinity Trails

Trinity Trails over in Fort Worth is a great running and hiking spot.

The waterfall isn’t huge in terms of height but it’s definitely wide and is enveloped by beautiful scenery.

Most of the trail system is paved and you can easily access the falls. This is definitely a gem in the city’s urban park system.

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Hidden Falls at Marion Sansom Park

These beautiful Dallas waterfalls are called hidden for a reason.

Marion Sansom Park is great for folks with a little bit more hiking or biking experience. The inclines and declines can be a little steep but the view at the end is definitely worth it.

Definitely be prepared to work a little harder in your journey there, and pack a solid pair of hiking shoes.

The trail network has 5 separate waterfall hike options, up to 5.5 miles total. Each of the loops that are considered moderately strenuous bypass the falls in some way.

Be sure to pay attention to signage on the trails to avoid leaving on the wrong trail!

dallas fort worth waterfalls as seen through green leafy tree

Pioneer Plaza

In 1995, The Texas Trees Foundation established a plaza dedicated to the historical significance of the city. It is a focal point of the city given its location in downtown Dallas.

The plaza has the cattle drive memorialized in bronze with cowboys seated upon the steers.

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The waterfall is against a series of manmade cliffs and really gives you the feel of natural space.

The contract of the skyscrapers to the waterfall makes this a really unique spot to come and experience. For sure a great photo op!

small dallas waterfalls in pioneer plaza park

Oakmont Park

Oakmont Park is probably the smallest of these waterfalls near Dallas to visit, and by far lesser-known, but it still packs a punch!

The beauty of these hidden gems is that you don’t incur as much of a crowd and get to enjoy the peace and serenity of it all in a much more personal context.

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Lakeside Park

Lakeside Park is near Exall Lake near the center of Dallas.

The lake has a spillway that creates a waterfall on the opposite side of the bridge. There are picturesque waterfalls trails and walkways for a nice stroll.

Additionally, there are these totally random (but cute!) teddy bear statues in the park.

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