Texas TV Shows: 13 Series + TV Shows Set in Texas (By Genre!)

Texas is larger than life, both geographically and culturally–so it’s no surprise that there is a wide variety of Texas TV shows to watch!

With Texas’s vast array of landscapes, weather, backdrops, and people, there are a plethora of areas to film a TV show set in Texas successfully.

Over the years, there have been sitcoms, reality TV shows, action-packed series, and more that have chosen the Lone Star State as their backdrop.  

We rounded up 13 of the most well-known TV shows set in Texas to enjoy.

All you have to do grab a big bowl of popcorn, and you’ll be ready to enjoy one of these fun TV shows based in Texas.

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Classic TV Shows Set in Texas

The Son

If you know one thing about Texas, it’s that the oil boom was a pivotal moment in the Lone Star State’s history.

The Son, which was filmed in various locations all over Texas was an action-packed series that dove into the story of one of Texas’ oil empires.

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The television series was created based on a book named the Son that took place in the 1900s and dives into the history and intensity of the time period.

If you are looking for a series that is action-packed and loaded with history, the Son may be the perfect choice for you.

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Friday Night Lights

Nothing says Texas quite like football.

College football, high school football, no matter how old you are, there is nothing quite like enjoying a game under the bright stadium lights.

Texans take their football so seriously that there was a TV show created around the entire game.

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Friday Night Lights is a TV series set in Texas that focuses on the importance of football to Texans and follows several players and a coach on their journey through high school football.

The show accurately represents Texans’ love for the game and shows the true struggles of the ins and outs of high school football.

Friday Night Lights fans will always remember: “Clear Eyes, Full Hearts, Can’t Lose.”

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Walker, Texas Ranger

It comes as absolutely no surprise that the classic Texas TV show, Walker Texas Ranger was filmed in Texas.

The governor of Texas at the time of the show wanted the world to know Texas on a deeper level, and so Walker, Texas Ranger became a prime Texas TV series.

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The majority of the show was filmed around Dallas only increasing the obsession with Chuck Norris that many have to this day.

When people think of the image of Texas in many outsiders’ minds, several scenes from Walker, Texas Ranger come to mind.

Combining action, crime, and a good ole pair of cowboy boots, Walker, Texas Ranger charmed viewers for years.

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Dallas is another TV show based in Texas, yet it brought an entirely different mood than the others on this list.

Dallas focused on the Ewing family who was a wealthy family that owned a booming oil business in Texas.

More serious than most, Dallas provided a series that drew people in time and time again.

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Dallas was not only a TV show but a soap opera that dove into the deep intricacies of Texas family drama and mystery.

The Ewing family often had you at the edge of your seat as family members feuded and money reigned supreme.

The mystery of Dallas coined the phrase “Who shot J.R.?”, that people often reference without realizing where it came from.

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Lighthearted Texas TV Shows


Reba is a well-known sitcom all over the country, but as the series takes place in Houston, Texans grow even more fond of the show.

Reba was a true Texan sitcom that brought together the struggles of a culture that holds football high as well as the importance of family amidst all of life’s events.

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Reba, a divorcee, brings in her high school daughter’s boyfriend when she finds out she is pregnant.

To add to the humor and chaos, her next-door neighbors are her ex-husband and his new wife.  

Reba dove into the important foundation of a family while still making sure laughter was involved.

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King of the Hill

You may be surprised that the animated television show, King of the Hill, was based on Texas culture.

The writer of King of the Hill created the entire series reflecting the humorous aspects of Texas life that took place in his own hometown.

Mike Judge’s hometown of Garland and the nearby city of Richardson provided the foundation to fuel hysterical Texas comedy that we laughed at for hours.

If you are a Texan, you may now watch King of the Hill with newfound respect and find lines that are way too relatable.

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Who would have thought that Wishbone was primarily filmed in Plano, Texas?

While much of the show was filmed in a studio in Plano, there were certain scenes that were filmed outside in Allen, Texas.

Wishbone stole the hearts of kids all over the country with the small Jack Russell Terrier that took over the screen.

Throughout the half-hour-long show, Wishbone would daydream about becoming a part of various stories of literature.

Wishbone encouraged kids to use their imagination and to dream big and was the basis of many books and movies that are still popular to this day.

jack russell terrier playing in fall leaves

Beavis and Butthead

Beavis and Butthead was another animated TV show set in Texas that was created by Mike Judge.

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With the quirky and far-fetched humor, you either absolutely loved or truly didn’t care for this television series.

Beavis and Butthead took the inner workings of society and created humor around many relatable aspects that we each face every day.

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Reality TV Shows Filmed in Texas

Fixer Upper

One of the most popular reality TV shows filmed in Texas that continues to charm people all over the country is Fixer Upper.

Fixer Upper is filmed in Waco, Texas and the dynamic duo of Chip and Joanna Gaines cannot be missed.

Combining incredible detail for decorating and design, they transform less than appealing houses into cozy homes that are jaw-dropping.

Chip brings in humor that makes your love for this couple grow the more you watch them.

Not only are their renovations filmed in Texas, but they have built a Magnolia empire throughout the city.

From a cupcake shop, hotel, restaurant, and of course the Silos, the Gaines have not only fixed up homes but transformed areas of the city as well.

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Austin City Limits

Austin City Limits which not surprisingly was based in the music-loving city of Austin brought together Texans’ love of music.

Austin City Limits has gone on to become the longest music series ever created and still puts out shows to this day.

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When Austin City Limits comes on you can get sit back and listen to music from all kinds of musicians.

Whether they are well-known, singer-songwriters, or just starting out, hundreds have been featured on Austin City Limits.

acoustic guitar on a music set, similar to one of the best tv shows set in texas, austin city limits


Rollergirls was set in Texas as it followed the behind-the-scenes of an Austin-based roller derby team.

In each episode, you watched what would take place before a derby match and everything that led up to match day.

Every single player had their own unique story to tell and this series told the stories of each girl, while also having a major focus on their love of Roller Derby and the game itself.

the legs of a group of women suited up for roller derby, as seen in the rollergirls tv show filmed in texas

Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders: Making the Team

As the title explains, this series is all about becoming a Dallas Cowboy Cheerleader and is of course filmed in the Lone Star State.

Grit, determination, and a little bit of drama fill the screen as you watch girls who have dreamt of becoming Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders try to make their way on the team.

In this CMT series, that still runs today, you will see everything that is involved in becoming a Dallas Cowboy Cheerleader and the grit and determination you have to have to get there.

Get behind the scenes access to training camp and the rigorous hours of training involved!

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Big Rich Texas

Everything is bigger in Texas with this epic docu-series that was never lacking in drama-filled moments.

Comparable to the Housewives series, the Big Rich Texas series followed wealthy mothers and their daughters throughout Dallas’ high society in this Texas TV show.

Drama and big hair ruled the screen and gave you a glimpse into how the wealthy live in Dallas, Texas.

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