15 Stunning Texas Swimming Holes to Visit This Summer

As you travel throughout Texas, there is one thing you will find time and time again is that Texans have all learned how to put up with the summer temperatures that can soar into the hundreds–and one of the best ways is to take a dip in one of the many incredible Texas swimming holes.

From spring-fed wells to rivers, the best places to swim in Texas stretch across the state, sometimes showing up in the most unexpected spots (looking at you, Balmorhea State Park!).

Here are 15 of the best swimming holes in Texas to check out this summer!

Hamilton Pool Preserve in Dripping Springs TX as shot from inside the cave. Hamilton Pool Preserve is one of the most famous Texas waterfalls.

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Looking for a Place to Swim Close to Home?

If you’d like to narrow your search for the best swimming holes in Texas to those a bit closer to your backyard, we have guides on places to swim in and near Austin, Dallas, Houston, and San Antonio to check out as well.

man swimming in austin pool

15 Best Swimming Holes in Texas

Barton Springs Pool, Austin

Sixty-eight degrees… all year round! That’s exactly what the Austin classic Barton Springs Pool both promises and delivers.

If the cool refreshing water temperatures aren’t enough to entice you to visit Barton Springs, the surrounding scenery is worth the drive.

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Another benefit of Barton Springs is the location. Located in the heart of Zilker Park, Barton Springs Pool provides you a perfect way to spend your day while still being close to town to try out a new local restaurant.

Barton Springs has become increasingly popular over the years, so finding a spot means arriving early.

If you want to bring your kids along, Barton Springs also has lifeguards on duty throughout the year, allowing you to relax and enjoy the day.

aerial view of barton springs pool, one of the best texas swimming holes

The Blue Hole, Wimberley

Located in the adorable town of Wimberley, the Blue Hole is a favorite spot amongst locals and visitors.

The Blue Hole provides you a place to relax and even has a shaded picnic area to relax in if you want a break from the water.

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Like so many other swimming areas in Texas, the Blue Hole is a spring-fed pool that stays cool all year long.

Blue Hole is a very popular place to spend the day, so be sure to make advance reservations before driving to Wimberley!

Kate Storm swinging over the Wimberley Blue Hole

Hamilton Pool, Dripping Springs

With a natural shade created by a limestone overhang, Hamilton Pool provides the perfect area to escape the Texas heat.

As you walk up to Hamilton Pool, you will see a fifty-foot waterfall that flows into a body of water that beckons you to go for a swim.

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The dome that partially covers Hamilton Pool creates an escape into nature that is hard to surpass.

Hamilton Pool is a popular choice for Texans and visitors alike, so making a reservation early is crucial.

photo of people swimming at hamilton pool tx

Blanco State Park, Blanco

Located within Blanco State Park, the Falls Dam draws in crowds every single year, and for good reason.

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Blanco State Park is a great place to spend the day with various trails as well as a wading pool that will beckon your name in the heat of the day.

If you have children that need to use up some energy, the cool temperatures of the Falls Dam is a prime spot to set up for the day.

view of the swimming area in blanco state park with a small waterfall, one of the best texas state parks close to austin tx

Garner State Park, Concan

If you are from Texas, you have learned about the stark beauty that is Garner State Park.

However, Garner has plenty to do between the diverse scenery and the Frio’s refreshing waters. 

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Many people travel to Garner State Park to soak in the refreshingly cool waters of the Frio River that flows through the park.

While you are visiting, Garner State Park has a miniature golf course and a nightly dance during the summer months.

Bring inner tubes to float the Frio while you relax or head to the rope swings for an added level of adventure.

view of frio river in garner state park, one of the best places to visit in texas

Devil’s Waterhole, Burnet

Located within the boundaries of Inks Lake State Park, Devils Waterhole is an excellent destination for those needing a place to cool off in the summer months.

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Many people choose to venture out to Devil’s Waterhole because of the prime cliff jumping off the red rocks surrounding it.

The beauty of Devil’s Waterhole being in a state park is that you can make an entire weekend out of your adventure.

So bring your tent, roast s’mores, and swim as much as your heart desires.

devils waterhle at inks lake state park texas near sunset

Jacob’s Well, Wimberley

2024 Update: Sadly, due to low water levels, Jacob’s Well continues to be closed to swimming. Fingers crossed we all get to enjoy it again one day! In the meantime, you can still choose to visit without swimming.

A true Texas gem, Jacob’s Well is one of those Texas swimming holes that you have to see to believe.

People flock to Jacob’s Well to see the magnificent entrance to an extensive underwater cave system.

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While Jacob’s Well is in no way a large swimming area, people love to jump into the thirty-five-foot hole that only measures twelve feet across.

It is important to note that you must have reservations to go swimming at Jacob’s Well.

Visiting Jacobs Well is a bucket list item for many Texans, so booking your spot early is essential.

However, if you simply want to hike the trails surrounding Jacobs Well, you can do so without a reservation.

jacobs well texas as seen from above on a sunny day

Comal River, New Braunfels

If you have heard of the Comal River, you have probably heard of the famous tube shoot. The tube shoot is built into the dam and adds a layer of intensity to any normal floating trip.

As you approach the tube shoot, make sure you hold on to any valuables and stay on the tube, as there tends to be a whirlpool water effect on the other side.

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If you are bringing small children, it is recommended that they have a lifejacket on for the entire tube shoot.

The beauty of the Comal River is you can make your time as exciting or relaxing as you want.

Rent a tube to easily float the river, or head to the tube shoot to add some excitement.

view of comal river, a popular place for tubing in texas, aka floating the river texas

Balmorhea State Park, Toyahvale

You may be thinking that all of West Texas is desert and tumbleweeds.

While much of West Texas is dry and arid, there is a hidden gem that provides you the perfect place to escape the desert temperatures.

Balmorhea State Park is a spring-fed pool that provides you crystal clear water that cools you off in an instant.

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Like many other places to swim in Texas, you can enjoy 70-degree water year-round because Balmorhea is spring-fed.

If you are looking for more outdoor adventure, Balmorhea is also insanely popular amongst scuba divers.

The glistening waters are not only beautiful to swim in but offer you spectacular views when you explore underneath the water’s edge.

underwater photo of staircase with fish swimming next to it at balmorhea state park, one of the best places to visit in west texas

Krause Springs, Spicewood

There is truly nothing like the family-owned and operated Krause Springs located in Spicewood, Texas.

Krause Springs provides you several areas to swim, but that’s not all. As you enter the property, you will be greeted by a captivating butterfly garden that will be the perfect entrance for your day on the water.

As you continue into the park, the next area you will come to is a man-made swimming pool.

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You have the option to set up for the day at the man-made pool or head down the staircase t be greeted with the most majestic playground in nature.

This area stays cool all year because of the various springs that feed into it, bask in the sun, or add some adventure to your day by flying off of the rope swing.

Whatever your heart desires, your day at Krause Springs will have you wanting to come back entirely too often–which is easy to do because unlike many of these Texas swimming holes, Krause Springs stays open almost year-round!

Krause Springs in Spicewood with a small set of falls visible in the back left among foliage

McKinney Falls State Park, Austin

Where limestone rocks meet small waterfalls, the perfect atmosphere is created to have a family day by the water.

There are varying smaller “pools” where you can swim, and children can splash the day away.

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Mckinney Falls is located outside of Austin and provides a perfect day trip away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

Besides enjoying one of the best swimming holes in Texas, there are also plenty of trails that you can explore.

Make an entire day of McKinney Falls by hiking a trail and then cooling off in the cooling waters it offers year-round.

mckinney falls water fall in austin on sunny day

The Blue Hole, Georgetown

While you may remember reading about a swimming area called the blue hole above, there are 2 Texas swimming holes that go by that name, and they’re not too far apart! One is located in Georgetown, and one can be found in Wimberley.

Georgetown is similar to Wimberly in the fact that it is a unique town that is full to the brim with character.

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In addition, the Blue Hole of Georgetown is located just minutes from downtown and is a great spot to cool off in the heat of the summer.

The Blue Hole creates small falls as the water gently cascades over the limestone formations all around.

So pack a picnic and head to the Blue Hole to enjoy a day of swimming in Texas that your family will absolutely love.

blue hole on san gabriel river, one of the best attractions in georgetown texas

Blue Lagoon, Huntsville

You would honestly never know that within the boundaries of Huntsville, Texas lies a prime scuba diving spot called the Blue Lagoon.

The Blue Lagoon is not only a favorite among amateur and professional scuba divers, but you can simply visit to swim in the blue waters.

Many people travel from all over to dive into these waters with their scuba gear to explore the mock shipwrecks below the waterline.

In addition, a lot of people will do their final scuba test in these waters.

If you want to learn how to scuba dive or you just want to enjoy one of the best swimming holes in Texas, the Blue Lagoon is perfect for either.

view of the bright water of the blue lagoon, one of the best places to go swimming in texas

Pedernales Falls State Park

Hiking trails and waterfalls are what greet you at Pedernales Falls State Park.

As the Pedernales River flows over the limestone rocks, there are pools created that allow you to sunbathe or splash in the water all around.

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While the falls of Pedernales Falls State Park are absolutely beautiful when they flow throughout the year, wading beneath them is not allowed for significant safety reasons.

Stand back and take in the crashing waters of the falls and then head to one of nearby designated Texas swimming areas in the park to soak all of your worries away.

pedernales falls as seen from above, one of the best texas hill country state parks

Spicewood Springs, Colorado Bend State Park

Colorado Bend State Park is an outdoor fanatics paradise.

With multiple caves that you can explore, swimming areas, hiking trails, and an immensely diverse landscape, this unique Texas state park is worth your stop.

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There are not only one but six TX swimming holes at Colorado Bend State Park, allowing you to find the perfect space away from the crowd.

The various swimming areas in the park are referred to as Spicewood Springs because of the spring-fed water flowing through them that stays around 70 degrees all year.

woman swimming spicewood springs colorado bend state park tx

Tips for Enjoying Texas Swimming Holes

When making the most of all the beautiful places to swim in Texas, it is crucial to make sure you and your family protect yourself from sunburn and heat exhaustion.

Here are several ways to survive the Texas heat and enjoy your time on the water.

tree with wooden planks leading to a rope swing over the water, a popular setup at the best austin swimming holes

Pack sunscreen.

Even if it feels like a cool day in Texas, the wind alone can leave you with a gnarly sunburn that will be miserable. 

If you are spending your entire day swimming, encourage your family to take breaks every few hours to reapply and rest in the shade, so they stay protected all day long.

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Bring plenty of water.

Texas heat is no joke. In the high temperatures that you often see the Texas summer, heat exhaustion can happen quickly and without warning.

So if you want to hike, make sure you have enough water for your entire family, including your pets.

Even if you want to swim all day, make sure everyone stays hydrated throughout the day.

two dogs swimming in austin, one with a tennis ball in its mouth

Don’t hike in the heat of the day.

Some of these Texas swimming holes require a small hike to reach, so be sure to plan for that, and not just your time on the water.

Another way to beat the Texas heat is to plan your activities accordingly.

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The middle of the day brings hot temperatures, so planning to hike early and swim during the heat of the day will help your family stay cool.

You can also choose to hike to certain swimming areas located on hikes and arrive when it is warm outside so you can jump in to get refreshed.

No matter your plans for experiencing the best swimming holes in Texas, take the heat seriously and take breaks in the shade or go for a swim to cool your body off quickly.

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