6 Refreshing Beaches in San Antonio, TX (+ Nearby!)

Alamo City may not be set on the coast–but there are still several beaches in San Antonio and the surrounding area to enjoy!

San Antonio, and especially the nearby Hill Country, have some great little beachy spots where you can enjoy the warm summer weather near a cool lake.

We’ve stretched the definition of the word “beach” here a bit–these places to swim aren’t exactly Galveston–but they’re beautiful, refreshing, and a great place to stretch out a towel or jump in the water, without having to drive down to the Gulf Coast.

There aren’t very many spots within the city limits, but if you trek just a little bit further you’ll find several more places to cool off this summer.

The water is perfect for swimming, and for some of these parks you can also set up a tent or camping equipment nearby.

This list is split up between the locations within an hour’s drive of central San Antonio and those roughly an hour or more!

sandy austin beach along pedernales river at milton reimers ranch

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San Antonio Beaches Within an Hour Drive

Comal Park

Comal Park is seated on the southern edge of Canyon Lake. The lake serves as a reservoir for the Guadalupe River.

The Water-Oriented Recreation District of Comal County (WORD) preserves the park areas and the beach on the lake.

The park has changing hours seasonally, the park does not stay open too late so this might not be the best bet if you want to do a cook-out or bonfire after dusk.

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Additionally, there is a $10 entrance fee per vehicle. For the amenities available at the park, it is definitely worth it.

The beach is sand and not gravel which is a big plus with kids. Additionally, there are a playground and picnic tables which are available on a first-come, first-served basis.

The park was newly renovated in 2020 so definitely stop by and check out the improvements made all around.

This is a great park for families to get in some sandy beach time close to San Antonio!

2 women and a small boy sitting on a black floatie in a lake having fun at a beach day

Canyon Overlook Park

Not too far away from Comal Park, lies Canyon Overlook Park.

This area is more to the western side of the lake and has much more of a natural, open feel than the more industrial Comal Park.

The beach area is beautiful albeit rocky with an open view of the blue water.

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There is a small trail that you have to go through to get to the beach so you won’t be able to park your vehicle right on the shore like you can in Galveston.

Try to pack light and be sure to wear appropriate shoes and clothing to hike the small trail.

It is not strenuous or a steep climb so basic tennis shoes should be fine.

The park also has access to the larger dam that feeds the river, if you’re interested in exploring out further, this would be a good spot to check out as well.

view of people enjoying one of the beaches near san antonio, as seen from overlook park on canyon lake

Jacob’s Creek Park

Jacob’s Creek Park is a little further north of Canyon Overlook Park. This park is probably the most popular of the three.

The nice thing about this park is that you can drive up close to the beach and it isn’t as taxing to get set up for a day trip to one of the beaches near San Antonio.

You can set up a tent for the day on the sandy patch near the shore.

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There is a playground for kids to enjoy as well as some picnic benches for a nice picnic spot.

The hiking portion of the park is small but it makes for a nice day out.

The swimming areas are roped off for safety purposes so be sure to pay attention to signage and warning signs as there are no lifeguards on duty.

view of canyon lake from the shore, showing off clear pebble bottom of bright blue lake

Guadalupe River State Park

Guadalupe River State Park is a popular location for tubing in Texas, and it’s also a fantastic place to go swimming near San Antonio.

The park has preserved a ton of the natural beauty that surrounds this area.

You will find pebbled beaches alongside the river to set up a lawn chair or a small tent.

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Due to the changing terrain at every turn, definitely wear water shoes while wading through the water.

There are 4 miles of shoreline throughout the park with many lookout points along the way.

You can also take your canoe in the river or fish from the shore!

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Beaches 1+ Hours from San Antonio

Hamilton Pool

Hamilton Pool is one of the most popular swimming holes in the Hill Country, and it’s easy to access when driving from San Antonio to Austin.

The beach itself is very very small, but swimmers also love to climb up under the grotto to take advantage of the shade.

The crowds are rigidly controlled through a reservation system, so they’re never too overwhelming when you’re there!

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There is a beautiful natural waterfall and a rocky interior where you can take stellar photos from.

The entrance is cash only and the pool is checked daily to ensure that it is safe to swim.

Signage on the way to the pool will also indicate swimming safety.

Please make sure to pay attention to these warnings, as oftentimes the closure of the pool can be impacted by rain and other factors.

Getting to the pool is a little bit of a hike so be sure to pack some closed-toe shoes and some bug spray!

photo of people swimming at hamilton pool tx

Reimers Ranch Swimming Hole

If you can’t score reservations to Hamilton Pool, Reimers Ranch is just a few minutes drive away.

This park is cash only at the entrance per vehicle. The beach area is more of an elongated stretch along the water rather than the circular beach at Hamilton Pool.

It is also a bit of a downhill hike to get there (especially if the park is busy and you need to park further away), so make sure you come prepared.

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Due to the hiking you won’t be able to drive up your car to the beach but a lawn chair and some beach towels should do the trick!

Because the trail is on a decline to the beach it can be a little bit of a workout to get back to the top, but it is paved so it should be pretty easy to roll any items up the incline on the way back.

This is definitely a nice, quiet getaway from the more popular swimming spots in Dripping Springs, and is worth a visit when you’re looking for beaches near San Antonio!

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