Texas Beach Camping: 8 Cool Places to Camp on the Beach

The Lone Star State provides you escape to nature around every corner you turn, allowing you to escape the busyness of life and soak in the views of nature all around–and that includes the many long stretches of coastline, which offer plenty of chances for beach camping in Texas!

 The Texas state coastline reaches over 350 miles which will provide you with an incredible itinerary of beach towns where you can soak up the sun’s rays on a summer day.

Sandy beaches and salty waters welcome you throughout the Gulf Coast and provide plenty of places to camp on the beach in Texas.

Texas beach camping is a fun outdoor adventure the entire family can enjoy, and you can spend your days walking just feet away to the beach to enjoy the day.

If you are looking for a beach escape where you can camp on or near the salty waters of the ocean, we rounded up eight perfect spaces in Texas for beach camping.

We’ve rounded up an ideal mix of primitive campsites as well as those with hookups, so no matter what your camping style, you’ll find a Texas beach campsite that’s right for you!

couple sitting on the sand next to a tent with sup boards, a fun possibility when you camp on the beach in texas

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North Beach, Padre Island National Seashore

North Padre Island is a vacation destination for many all over the Lone Star State, as well as those that travel from around the country.

People are drawn in by the inviting water and picturesque beach that the island

While many travel to North Padre Island and often stay in nearby hotels and cabins, there is a unique way to enjoy your time on the island.

Grab your tent or RV and head to the miles of beach that nature offers, where you can camp right on the beach for pretty much free.

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When you arrive at North Beach, you will have to pay the entrance fee and make sure you grab a free camping permit before you go to your site.

Make sure you have everything you need as North Beach does not have any amenities such as camp stores, nearby gas, or hookups.

The nearest gas station and grocery store to stock up on supplies are about 12 miles away, so take time to prepare accordingly.

You will be sacrificing the many amenities that most campgrounds offer for the most magical space to catch a sunrise or sunset every day.

There are showers and bathrooms at the Malaquite Visitor Center that are opened during normal business hours every day that you are able to use as needed.

Purple flowers blooming on sand dunes on padre island, one of the prettiest islands in texas

South Beach, North Padre Island

Padre Island also has another stretch of beach that you are able to camp on.

South Beach is another great option to camp on the beach to wake up to beautiful sunrises peaking over the ocean every morning.

South Beach is similar to North Beach because it does not have hookups or amenities accessible to you.

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There are a chemical toilet and a dumpster at the entrance to the beach which is good to know if you are planning to camp for extended periods of time.

When you arrive at South Beach, you will drive along the beach to find the perfect place for you and your family to camp.

With over 60 miles of coastline, there are plenty of options to set up camp for the night.

couple sitting facing the ocean next to a tent on a sandy beach when texas beach camping

Magnolia Beach, Port Lavaca

Famed as one of the most popular boondocking beaches in Texas, Magnolia Beach is one of a kind and loved by many of those who camp often.

As you drive to Magnolia Beach, you are greeted with over two miles of beach that is made up of hard-packed sand perfect to camp on.

Sites are not numbered, but by simply providing enough space between you and your neighbor you will be good to go.

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You can enjoy fishing, swimming, and more during your visit to Magnolia Beach. There are no hookups, but there are bathrooms nearby as well as picnic areas to enjoy.

While visiting Magnolia Beach, you are also sure to find a plethora of unique shells that will keep you and your family occupied for hours as you comb through the sand.

This beach is a great space to set up your own little corner of beachfront “property” for a few nights to enjoy all the beauty that Texas beach camping has to offer!

two women sitting a picnic table overlooking a beach in tx

Bryan Beach, Freeport

Bryan Beach is the perfect place to soak up the views of the ocean while you camp on the beach in Texas and lay back under the stars.

Camping on Bryan Beach is free and allows you to truly enjoy everything the Texas coastline has to offer.

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With just over three miles of beach access, you may have fewer options for where to camp along the coast, but a stronger likelihood of smaller crowds because it is not nearly as known as some of the other camping beaches in Texas.

If you prefer to get far off the beaten path, Bryan Beach is the Texas beach camping spot for you.

bryan beach in freeport, one of the best beaches in texas to visit

Matagorda Nature Preserve

Matagorda Nature Preserve is a nature lovers’ paradise.

With over 1,333 acres, this park provides you the perfect escape to nature and gives you a variety of campsites to choose from.

Matagorda Nature Preserve has primitive campsites that allow you to truly escape the noise and camp away from it all while soaking up the nature that surrounds you.

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Besides primitive campsites, there are also full hookup sites to choose from that give you a perfect spot to enjoy the beach views.

While you are visiting the Matagorda Nature Preserve, you can spend your day along the two miles of beach access or walk along the beach to find seashells and what has washed up over the day.

There are also plenty of activities for everyone to enjoy, including horseback riding and kayaking.

view of matagorda beach close to houston tx at sunset

Sea Rim State Park

Sea Rim State Park is a unique blend of marsh and beach ecosystems which creates a perfect place to explore and learn something new.

Sea Rim State Park lies not too far away from the Texas and Louisiana border and is a great place to capture a glimpse at some unique birds and wildlife.

There are around 15 campsites that offer you hookups while other primitive sites exchange utilities for being surrounded by nature.

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No matter what you choose, Sea Rim State Park is a great place for your next adventure.

While this state park has plenty of campsites, there is one incredibly unique way to camp at Sea Rim.

Sea Rim State Park offers you the ability to camp on top of a floating dock. The only way to get to and from the dock is with a watercraft like a kayak or a canoe.

Talk about being up close and personal with the ocean! Camping on top of the water is a one-of-a-kind adventure.

woman in a blue tank top paddling a yellow kayak in a marsh

Mustang Island State Park

Mustang Island is a popular state park for those that love the beach because it allows you to camp within feet of beachfront access.

Mustang Island State Park gives you the amenities of hookups and bathrooms while allowing you to be able to walk a few minutes to set up for your day at the beach.

There are plenty of sites for all to enjoy, but because of this state park’s extreme popularity, it is important to book your stay early.

With over 5 miles of beachfront access, Mustang Island is a top choice for camping on and near the Texas coastline.

When choosing to camp at Mustang Island, you can stay at a campground with hookups and amenities or dry camp at one of the primitive beach campsites offered.

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It is important to know that there is access to bathrooms and hot showers all throughout the park, so even if you camp on the beach primitively, you will still have access to some amenities.

Although being so close to the beach will give you and your family plenty to do and explore while you are visiting, there is another aspect that sets Mustang Island State Park apart from the rest.

Mustang Island State Park has a padding trail that offers you over twenty miles of trails through the water, which will give you an entirely new perspective.

During your visit, you can spend a day on the beach soaking up the sun, visit nearby beach towns, and even take off on a paddling adventure, making Mustang Island State Park a great option for those interested in beach camping in TX.

Underside of a wooden dock on Mustang Island Texas, one of the best texas islands

Crystal Beach, Bolivar Peninsula

While many people know of the beach town of Galveston, fewer people are aware of the beach options that Bolivar Peninsula offers.

Crystal Beach is popular with those who frequent Galveston often because of its separation from the mainland while also giving you prime access to the beach.

In order to access Crystal Beach, you must hop on the ferry from Galveston over to Bolivar.

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The ferry trip over to Bolivar Peninsula is truly a magical experience because it allows you prime viewing opportunities of wildlife.

Dolphins are often seen from the ferry as they frolic in the waters all around, and they will have you wanting to come back time and time again.

In order to camp on Crystal Beach, you will need a beach camping permit and to make sure you have all the supplies you need for Texas beach camping before you leave the big island.

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