13 Wonderful Austin Waterfalls (+ Nearby Waterfall Hikes!)

With its many creeks, rivers, and hills, is it any surprise that there are plenty of beautiful Austin waterfalls to visit?

Granted, waterfalls in Austin tend to be a bit seasonal–most of these don’t flow year-round–but with a little patience and luck, you can almost always find a small waterfall to enjoy in the city.

We’ve also included some of the best waterfalls near Austin in this post, as there are a few stunning spots right outside the capital.

If you’re looking for waterfalls in Austin, TX, here’s where to look!

sculpture falls in austin texas as seen from above

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Prettiest Austin Waterfalls to Visit

Most of the falls in this section are fairly small, as well as dependent on recent rain to visit–but they are still beautiful and make great getaways within the city.

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McKinney Falls State Park

A local favorite, McKinney Falls State Park offers beautiful waterfalls to swim in.

Since McKinney Falls (both lower and upper) are located within a state park, they’re not free to access–but they’re worth the effort!

mckinney falls water fall in austin on sunny day

Sculpture Falls

Located on the Barton Creek Greenbelt, Sculpture Falls is one of the most popular swimming holes in Austin!

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Twin Falls

Located near Sculpture Falls, Twin Falls is also a popular place to swim. 

Expect to share the space with plenty of crowds whenever these waterfalls are flowing, but they’re gorgeous enough to be worth a visit anyway.

Bull Creek (Greenbelt + District Park)

You’ll find several small Austin waterfalls along Bull Creek, including the especially pretty Middle Falls!

small austin waterfall along bull creek, one of the best waterfall hikes in austin tx

St. Edward’s Park

Like Bull Creek, you’ll find multiple waterfalls at St. Edward’s Park, depending on the water level.

This small park in northwest Austin is a longtime favorite of ours and tends to be a bit less crowded as compared to the most popular trails around the city.

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River Place Nature Trail

If you’re looking for Austin hiking trails with waterfalls, the legendary River Place Nature Trail, with its 2,763 wooden steps, is a great place to look.

Depending on recent rainfall, you can find falls of various sizes throughout the trail, but if you’re looking for a sure bet, head to the Little Fern Trail section–the water flows a bit more reliably here.

small waterfall along little fern trail

Zilker Botanical Garden

Sure, the waterfalls in Austin’s Zilker Botanical Garden aren’t naturally occurring, but that doesn’t make them any less delightful to admire!

If you’re looking for an easy-to-access Austin waterfall–not to mention plenty of other beautiful, quiet corners to enjoy–you can’t beat the botanical garden.

Waterfall in Zilker Botanical Garden in Austin

Bench Falls

Located on the Lost Creek trail near the Hill of Life, Bench Falls is a small but mighty Austin waterfall that makes the perfect break during a hike!

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You can expect to find crowds of people here enjoying food, music, and swimming on a beautiful day, and there’s plenty of space to stretch out and enjoy.

ranger storm in the water of lost creek, home to one of the best beaches in austin tx

Best Waterfalls Near Austin, TX

Hoping to take a waterfall-themed day trip from Austin?

Here are some of the best waterfalls near Austin to visit!

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Chalk Ridge Falls

Located less than an hour north of Austin in the small town of Belton, Chalk Ridge Falls is one of the most beautiful waterfalls in Central Texas.

It makes an excellent day trip, and as a bonus, Chalk Ridge Falls Park is free to visit!

jeremy storm and ranger storm on top of chalk ridge falls belton texas

Gorman Falls

Located in Colorado Bend State Park, 70-foot Gorman Falls is incredibly striking to witness.

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Lush, shaded, and beautiful, this Central Texas waterfall looks more like it belongs in the tropics than the Hill Country!

It’s a 3-mile round-trip hike to visit Gorman Falls, and the trail does get congested at times–consider getting an early start to avoid the crowds.

kate storm standing in front of gorman falls in colorado bend, one of the best texas state parks in hill country

Hamilton Pool

The legendary Hamilton Pool, with its 50-foot waterfall spilling into one of the most popular swimming holes in Texas, is not only the most famous waterfall close to Austin, it just may be the most famous waterfall in the state!

You’ll need reservations in order to visit, but this beautiful grotto is well worth the extra planning.

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Krause Springs

Located in Spicewood, Texas, Krause Springs is best-known as one of the most beautiful swimming holes in the Hill Country–but it’s also home to one of the most gorgeous and lush waterfalls near Austin!

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