9 Lovely Lavender Farms in Texas (+ Festivals!)

You don’t have to go all the way to France to enjoy the beauty of blooming lavender! There are several lavender farms in Texas that are worth visiting this spring and summer, plus a couple of lavender festivals to go along with them.

The scent of lavender is calming, and walking through these beautiful fields will definitely soothe your soul and remind you of the beauty of nature.

Hoping to enjoy beautiful lavender fields in Texas this summer? Here’s everything you need to know about Texas lavender farms, festivals, and growing seasons!

gorup of lavender satchels for sale at one of the lavender farms in texas

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When Does Lavender Bloom in Texas?

Most varieties of lavender in Texas are planted around November. Lavender loves the sun and Texas summers provide plenty of sunlight and dry ground for this lovely plant. 

The French varieties of lavender are tolerant of the climate in Texas and can be grown in several parts of the state.

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The Grosso hybrid’s peak blooming season is April to June. Provence is one of the most commonly grown types of lavender in Texas, and its season starts in mid-July and will bloom through September.

The Spanish lavenders can be found more in the south and west Texas and have a short blooming season of April to May.

North Texas grows more of the English and English hybrid style due to its colder climates and large amounts of clay in the soil.

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Texas Lavender Farms in the Hill Country

Lavender favors a drier, more alkaline soil which is why the Texas Hill Country is becoming one of the fastest-growing lavender regions in the country.

The dry climate with plenty of runoff so the water doesn’t puddle creates an ideal environment for growing several varieties of lavender. 

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Hill Country Lavender

Blanco, Texas is a wonderful small town with an enthusiasm for lavender–so much so that it is the Lavender Capital of Texas!

The blooming season here starts in late May and can bloom into early July, depending on the weather.

This delightful farm grows approximately two thousand plants in two fields. Visitors to the farm can walk through the fields, bring a picnic,  and pick some lavender during the blooming season (get some scissors and picking instructions from the store).

The store has a large variety of unique lavender products and recipes, including their delicious lavender sugar and tea.  Make a reservation for Lavender Talks and Lunch when you visit this delightful area and gain insight from the owner about this fragrant plant.

blooming lavender in blanco, the lavender capital of texas

Purple Cactus Lavender Farm

The Purple Cactus in Weimar, Texas is perfectly located in the middle of a three-city trifecta on Interstate 10 – 1.5 hours west of Houston, 1.5 hours east of San Antonio, or 1.5 hours southeast of Austin.

While walking the Texas lavender fields and taking pictures is free, the $5 tour of these beautiful fields includes a refreshing drink.

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Visitors of all ages will enjoy the ‘Cooking with Lavender’ and ‘Lavender Drinkology’ program.

Picking some lavender and learning how to use it in the kitchen makes for a great family activity.

The Purple Cactus has lavender s’more pits and “The Deck” for drinks and snacks.

The on-site store has a large selection of lavender-scented and themed merchandise for all ages.

woman's hand picking a piece of blooming lavender in one of the beautiful lavender fields in texas

Chappell Hill Lavender Farm

This lovely farm is a perfect day trip from Houston, located about an hour’s drive northwest on Highway 290.

Chappell Hill grows two varieties of lavender, Sweet and Provence, giving visitors a wider range of time to visit the lovely blooms. The Sweet Lavender is at peak bloom in April and May, while the Provence lavender can start blooming in late July and possibly last through September.

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The wide lanes of this farm are perfect for strolling as a group. A gazebo and picnic tables are available for visitors to eat a snack or have a picnic.

Their on-site store, The Lavender Patch, has a great selection of lavender products like aromatherapy, home fragrance, and bridal sets, as well as recipes and culinary sets.

sprigs of lavender surrounding a bottle of lavender oil

Lacey Farms

Located just fifteen minutes northwest of Brenham, Texas, Lacy Farms has given lavender its own romantic spin. Fields of beautiful lavender surround the scenic wedding venue that has been built by the Lacey family.

The fields are open for touring during the week, but it is always best to call first on the weekends. The lavender makes a stunning backdrop for bridal portraits or wedding photos.

Lacey Farms also produces five different lavender scents and combinations of products which they sell in stores and online. 

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Becker Vineyards and Lavender Farm

Becker Vineyards is located in Stonewall, just 15 minutes east of Fredericksburg on Highway 90. Over 2,000 Spanish lavender plants, lavandula stoechas, have been cultivated on the grounds.

The peak blooming season is from mid-April to June, and the weather is perfect for a walk through these beautiful fields. The Beckers have interspersed their lavender with a variety of poppies, sunflowers, and zinnias to help enhance the visual experience for guests.

The Lavender Shop has a large variety of products available, including such unique items are their Culinary Lavender and  Confit of Lavender Flower. 

spanish lavender as seen at one of the lavender farms in texas

Rough Creek Ranch and Lavender Fields

Stroll through the beautiful lavender fields in Wimberley, Texas just 45 minutes southwest of Austin near Canyon Lake. Rough Creek is one of the oldest lavender farms in Texas and has thousands of lavender plants in its fields.

Rolling hills are the perfect backdrop for these lovely plants, giving the visitor a sense of calm and peace.

The best bloom for these fields is in June, at the height of their season. Rough Creek has an online and on-site store to purchase a variety of lavender products for yourself or as a gift.  

woman walking through blooming lavender fields in texas

North Texas Lavender Fields

Lavender Ridge Farms

Located in Gainesville, Lavender Ridge is just thirty minutes north of Denton or an hour drive from the Dallas-Fort Worth area.

The height of the blooming season for this lavender is May to July.

Lavender Ridge is also a wonderful horticultural experience. They have over two acres of lavender planted, along with growing a variety of herbs, wildflowers, vegetables, and native plants.

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Lavender Ridge is a cut farm, meaning during season visitors can pick the lavender, herbs, or flowers which adds more fun to the experience as you walk the fields.

The Lavender Cafe serves food and beverages, allowing the visitor to sip some lavender lemonade and have snacks while gazing at the lavender fields, providing a wonderful scenic view.

The Gift Shop provides a variety of lavender-infused or scented products as well as nature-inspired crafts and wreaths.

pair of hands cutting a handful of texas lavender with scissors

West Texas Lavender Farms

Rockin’ H Lavender Farm

This lovely family-owned farm is located about an hour south of Abilene or two hours northwest of Killeen.

The dynamic Heard duo runs the farm and grows two types of lavender, Spanish and the French Grosso.

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Due to the drier climate in west Texas, the peak blooming season at the Rockin’ H is April to June.

The farm recently branched out into the Rockin’ H Casitas, providing small lodging homes for overnight guests yet keeping a traditional bed and breakfast style service.

The lavender plants are spread out to keep the roots dry, which gives families perfect space for a picnic or just to let the kids run around.

blooming lavender farms in texas, close up of plants

Thistle Dew Lavender Farm

Located an hour east of Lubbock, Texas, in the small town of Dickens, the Thistle Dew is a lovely farm to visit if you are in the area with over 2,500 lavender plants.

The blooming season for the Edelweiss and Grosso lavender is generally mid-May through June.

One of the unique aspects of this multi-generation family business is the store and lavender products they have created. Their culinary spices include the unique Tuscan Taste, which is a delicious blend of lavender and more traditional Italian spices. They have several varieties of lavender inspired teas and a huge selection of bed and body products.

blooming edelweiss lavender

Lavender Festivals in Texas

Want to see the lavender season at its best? Check out one of these fun lavender festivals in Texas!

Blanco Lavender Festival

The Blanco Lavender Festival is usually held in mid-June in the lovely small town of Blanco, Texas.

Blanco has become known as the lavender capital of Texas in the last decade, thanks to the original cultivation of lavender by Hill Country Lavender. Since then other lavender farms have opened in the area due to the ideal climate for growing around Blanco.

Lavender products of every kind imaginable are available for sale in the Lavender Market located around the Old Historic Blanco County Courthouse. Learn how to use lavender-infused oils in your cooking to enhance the flavors or health benefits of your food.

The Speaker Pavilion is a great place to learn best practices for growing lavender and get tips on a variety of ways lavender can be used. Listen to live music at Bindseil Park while munching on a lavender cookie or sipping lavender tea.

selection of lavender satchels and oils for sale

Becker Vineyards Lavender Festival

Taking place the first weekend in May, the Becker Vineyards Lavender Festival could be a wonderful day trip or a delightful weekend away, located just outside of Fredericksburg, Texas.

Visitors can stroll through the blooming fields of lavender while sipping a beverage or snacking on lavender inspired treats.

One of the neat things about this Texas lavender festival is all the information available and the variety of the vendors.

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Educational speakers can keep you informed on the best practices for growing lavender or the current information on the benefits of lavender. The cooking demonstrations are fun, informative, and tasty. Save room for the Lavender Luncheon along with the Wine Small Bites Pairing.

The arts are not forgotten either as live music is being played on the grounds, a variety of craft vendors, and the Art & Lavender section has lovely works by regional artists for sale.  

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