17 Instagrammable Places to Take Photos in Houston

Every corner in Houston has a beautiful photo angle for an awesome Instagram post. There is no shortage of beautiful parks and buildings that make for stunning places to take pictures in Houston!

Despite the busy hustle in the city, there are pockets of tranquility hidden throughout that makes for plenty of instagrammable places in Houston and for a wonderful photography experience.

Here are the best places to take photos in Houston!

Small table with 4 chairs in front of a wall made of colored blocks in Discovery Green, one of the best houston photography locations

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The Water Wall

This is probably the most classic Houston photo spot.

The Gerald D. Hines Waterwall Park, or The Water Wall as its most commonly known, is a beautiful 64 ft. water feature with an expansive grassy area out front.

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It is perfect for a natural backdrop amidst the concrete of the city around it.

The water feature is open from 10 a.m. to 9 p.m. so no matter the time of day you’ll find a slot to take the perfect snap.

Waterwall in Houston Texas with the wall taking up the bulk of the image

Houston is Inspired Mural (Travis Street)

Right across the street from Market Square Park is a colorful mural that is very popular for Houston photoshoots and is definitely one of the most instagrammable spots in Houston.

The mural features the quote “Houston is Inspired” which hopefully inspires you to get creative with your shot!

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BAPS Shri Swaminarayan Temple

BAPS Temples are known as some of the most beautiful temples worldwide. Each temple is made with hand-carved marble columns and stonework to make for a larger-than-life creation of art. There is a large water feature out front in which to get the perfect frame.

Typically, in the evening the temple is lit up around the outside.

The temple requests that both men and women wear modest clothing (i.e. no sleeveless tops or shorts shorter than knee length). There are also designated spaces to leave your shoes at the front of the temple so plan to bring socks!

It’s worth the effort of visiting, though, because the BAPS Temples are definitely among the most beautiful places to take pictures in Houston!

BAPS Shri Swaminarayan Temple as seen from the side with leaves in the foreground. This traditional Hindu temple is one of the most instagrammable places in Houston Texas

Sam Houston Park

Sam Houston Park is in the heart of Houston near the Theatre District. This area, in general, has great artistic value to the city.

The park features sculptures dating back to the 1800s including the historic Pillot House which was built in 1868. T

here are several other homes that are featured which have picturesque wrap-around porches and white railings that make you feel transported to a time of the past.

Sam Houston Park is a City of Houston Protected Landmark and a State of Texas Historical Site.

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Hermann Park

Hermann Park features several points of interest throughout the area including a Japanese Garden, several lakefront plazas, and the Mecom Rockwell Colonnade.

The Park Conservancy also has art installations in the park from time to time to feature popular artists.

Two art features remain permanently in the park. It is right off of Houston Zoo and features several different landscapes where you can take the perfect Houston photo.

Small wooden bridge across a pond in Hermann Park Houston

Cloud Column

Most people are familiar with “The Bean” in Chicago, however, what several people don’t know is that Houston has its own sculpture nicknamed “El Frijole” which is The Bean in Spanish!

This sculpture was designed by the same sculptor that designed Chicago’s version, Sir Anish Kapoor, in 2006.

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Buffalo Bayou Park

Buffalo Bayou Park gives you one of the most holistic views of the Houston Skyline. There are running trails, grassy areas, and sand volleyball courts to provide for more dynamics in the photo. 

Buffalo Bayou Park is the perfect place to snap photos in Houston if you’re looking for a combination of natural and manmade beauty in your instagrammable Houston photo spots.

Two cyclists crossing a bridge in Buffalo Bayou Park Houston with the downtown skyline in the background

Bayou Bend Collections and Gardens

This beautiful 14-acre garden is owned by the Museum of Fine Arts and is maintained in the River Oaks neighborhood.

This location has whatever you’re looking for from flowers to fountains to ceramics to paintings.

The original home provides a sweet Southern charm to the gardens and is sure to provide a great backdrop for photoshoots in Houston.

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Mercer Botanic Gardens

Featuring lily ponds, garden sculptures, and wooden swings the Mercer Botanical Gardens are the perfect place to take photos.

All of the foliage gives such a jungle feel that you would never imagine you’re in a city!

There are pathways leading to all of the major features and along the way, you’ll discover plants from all over the world.

Purple and white flowers blooming among lily pads in a pond in a botanical garden

The Silos at Sawyer Yards

This iconic silo has been repurposed as an artistic space for rent. At any time you can see several different artists and their work.

The artist directory continuously changes so you can see who is featured on their website.

You can even purchase pieces of art at this venue if you’re so interested.

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Discovery Green

This little park in downtown features colorful sculptures and fountains for a fun, whimsical photoshoot in Houston.

It is near several concert venues and sporting arenas. Sometimes you can catch live music or a new art installation if you’re lucky.

The little pond in the center offers kayaks as well if you wanted to capture downtown from the water–the unique angle makes it one of the best places to take pictures in Houston!

Discovery Green with trees in the foreground and skyscrapers in the background, one of the best places to take photos in houston tx

Biscuit Paint Wall

The Biscuit Paint Wall is a colorful rainbow drip paint wall located in the popular Upper Kirby neighborhood.

The mural is open to the public at all hours, however, if you want to get an unobstructed shot its best to go on a Sunday evening or midday throughout the weekdays.

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Dandelion Fountain

This cute fountain spurts water from each of the spires changing the visual to a summer dandelion. It’s beautiful when photographed at night with colored lighting.

One half of Houston's dandelion fountain at sunset, one of the most instagrammable places in houston texas

Smither Park

This quirky, photogenic park is home to large mosaic sculptures made by local artists–all created with reclaimed materials (and plenty of beauty).

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Kemah Boardwalk

For a classic Americana background and plenty of bright colors, you can’t beat snapping pictures at Houston’s Kemah Boardwalk, complete with rides, restaurants, and a classic Ferris wheel, all located right on the water!

Aerial view of Kemah Boardwalk near Houston Texas

Color Factory

The Color Factory is a giant pop art exhibit that is an explosion of color, almost like walking into a Dr. Seuss novel.

This location encourages you to take as many photos as you’d like and each inch of the wall is covered in different colors and patterns.

The Houston experience is unique to the experiences offered by Color Factory in San Francisco and New York and is definitely worth the pit stop in the Upper Kirby neighborhood of Houston!

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Leeland St. Graffiti Park

Boasting nearly 2 miles of street art, this area is the perfect place to capture modern graffiti art. Blocks and blocks of murals and graffiti art will hopefully inspire you to jump in and make the photo your own. Every turn will give you an incredible new view and great Houston photography ideas!

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