6 Delightful Texas Peach Farms (Pick Your Own!)

Nothing says summer in Texas quite like peaches! While roadside stands offer up plenty of delicious options, there’s something truly special about going peach picking at one of the many Texas peach farms and grabbing your fruit right off the tree.

Picking your own peaches is a fun, family-friendly activity perfect for a hot summer morning.

We’ve rounded up some of the best peach farms in Texas here–and made sure to pick orchards that allow visitors to pick their own Texas peaches.

baskets of fresh peaches at one of the best peach farms in texas

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Tips for Picking Peaches in Texas

Come early.

Texas peach farms tend to close up shop once the ripe peaches are mostly gone, so heading out early is best.

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Bring comfortable shoes.

… and they’re probably going to get dirty while you’re picking peaches, so be prepared!

young girl picking peaches texas

Call before leaving.

From seasonal shifts based on the success and timing of the year’s crop to simple concerns about the weather, picking peaches in Texas is one of those activities that it’s best to be flexible with when planning.

If you’re hoping to go peach picking in Fredericksburg during a weekend getaway, for example, you may want to aim to head to the orchard on your first day–that way, if it doesn’t work out, you have another shot.

hands picking peaches out of a cardboard box in a peach orchard

When is peach season in Texas?

Though the specific Texas peach season varies each year due to weather, region, and more, you can generally expect to pick peaches in Texas between June and August each year.

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North Central Texas Peach Farms

Larken Farms

Larken Farms is a family-owned peach orchard in Waxahachie, Texas, about 45 minutes outside of Dallas.

This orchard was born as a passion project for Ken and Laura Jo Halverson in 2000, and is one of the best places to pick peaches in Texas. They wanted to create a fun place to “grow” their hobby to bring joy to families all around.

The farm has tons of fresh produce that you can pick aside from peaches. You can purchase the produce by weight so be prepared to be going home with bushels of different fruits and vegetables.

tx peaches on a tree in waxahachie texas

The park isn’t officially certified as organic, but the farm practices organic methods to grow their produce.

They try to plant different varieties of peaches throughout the season so that there is a larger harvesting window. There are over 30 varieties of peaches from Texas and California over 7,0000 trees.

While peaches are definitely their main passion you can also get Santa Rosa Plums and Asian pears from the farm as well.

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If you are willing to get down and dirty the farm will let you dig for potatoes and onions as well.

I would recommend bringing a change of clothes for little ones so you don’t track all that dirt and mud into your car!

Also see if the horses are out, occasionally you can feed them as well.

peach trees with ripe fruit at a pick your own peaches farm texas

Gemini Peach and Rose Farm

Texas peaches may not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think of Denton, but this college town boasts a beautiful garden that also doubles as an orchard.

Gemini Peach and Rose Farm is fully family-owned. It sits on about 4 acres of land and is one of the newest peach farms in Texas.

This orchard was started in 2008 and has grown to include 140 peach trees and 1000 rose bushes.

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James and Janet Herbison have dedicated so much of their lives to their land, Janet is a consulting rosarian who is certified by the American Rose Society.

Who wouldn’t want a hybrid of roses and peaches in the same area?!

During the season, the peach picking hours are from 9:00 AM to 3:00 PM, Monday through Saturday.

They also sell hybrid roses which you can name. The rose you name gets officially registered and you can get two bushes of that variety mailed to you as well.

close up of peaches on a tree growing

Jenkins Farm Peach Orchard

Jenkins Farm is far north over in Bonham, TX. This farm is a cute and quaint orchard with several types of TX peaches.

While the orchard isn’t vast, it has all the great highlights of a day out at the farm.

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One of the special aspects of this farm is that they also have apricots in addition to peaches.

Apricots can sometimes be difficult to come by as their growing conditions are fairly specific. It is a special treat to be able to eat these right out of the basket.

Because the peach season is at the tail-end of spring and the beginning of summer definitely bring rain boots as these areas can get quite muddy.

young brunette woman in a straw hat eating a peach

This farm is so personal to the family that runs in, you can tell how much they care about creating a good experience for those who come to visit.

Typically, the peach season starts at this location in mid-May. You can purchase blackberries and plums by the gallon, and peaches come in a 1/2 bushel, peck, or gallon size.

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A gallon is the smallest size so if you’re unsure go for the gallon first!

They are fairly good about updating their pages so check out their social media to see what is available and when they will be open!

Note: Sadly, due to damage from a hail storm, Jenkins Farm Peach Orchard won’t offer Texas peach picking in 2021.

hands reaching down for tx peach picking with sunny sky in the background

Peach Farms in the Texas Hill Country

Texas Hill Country peaches (sometimes called Fredericksburg peaches or Stonewall peaches, after the towns where some of the most beloved orchards are found), are famous for good reason!

Here’s where to pick your own peaches in the Texas Hill Country.

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Jenschke Orchards

Jenschke Orchards has the honor of being one of the Best Texas Hill Country peach orchards.

They started out as a roadside stand, similar to many orchards across the state, in the 60s. It has now grown to include a store and several more crops!

You’ll find this farm in Fredericksburg which is renowned for its peaches in addition to its wineries and bed and breakfasts

woman picking peaches texas orchard

Jenschke Orchards keeps their farm operational virtually all year round. There are strawberries in the spring, peaches and blackberries in the summer, pumpkins in the fall, and Christmas trees in the winter!

They offer several different varieties of Texas peaches which all ripen at different times of the year.

There is a list of all of the varieties and the ideal window of time to come to pick them.

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All three types of peaches are sold here: Clingstone, semi-freestone, and freestone.

They can inform you how each type is best utilized, and how to pick them without bruising them.

They’ve made it super easy and convenient for visitors, also, the store has several peach products to try after you’re done picking!

texas peaches growing on a tree at one of the best tx peach orchards

Wahls Peaches and Vegetables

Wahls Peaches and Vegetables is a family-owned and operated orchard.

They’re one of the rare pick-your-own peach farms in Texas that have certified organically grown produce. They do not utilize chemical pesticides or fertilizers.

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The taste of fresh, sweet, and most importantly, local produce is something in a class apart.

Their online pages are very up-to-date with photos and weather updates.

There is an annual Peach Jamboree that highlights local growers and is a fun way to jump into the peach season.

During this time of year, they also sell pecans, fresh peach jam, and other goods. Be sure to grab a slice of pie before you leave!

pile of ripe peaches in texas

Other Places to Pick Peaches in Texas

Fruit ‘N Such Orchard

A short drive outside of Houston, you’ll find a cute fruit orchard that has juicy TX peaches and other fruits.

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This orchard is a very small, mom-and-pop location.

The season is slightly shorter than usual, typically only lasting between May and June.

tx peaches growing on a tree with blue sky in the background

In addition to peaches, they have so many different items like tomatoes, melons, squash, etc. They also have fresh eggs as well.

You can bring your own clippers and gloves to clip your produce.

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The owners are very close to the operation and chances are they’ll be the ones you see on your trip to pick peaches in Texas.

It is always nice to get advice from local growers themselves, as they can help you determine the ideal ripeness and firmness for fruits, especially if you plan to utilize them for other recipes like jams or butters.

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