11 Things to Do in Dublin, TX (Dublin Bottling Works + Beyond!)

As you drive into Dublin, Texas, you’re immediately greeted with a green sign in the shape of a 4-leaf clover welcoming you to town–in other words, from the first moment you arrive, there is no doubt that Dublin takes its status as the Irish capital of Texas quite literally! 

The best things to do in Dublin range from a soda-making tour to eating delicious local cheese to exploring one of the many small, unexpected museums in town.

Here’s what to do in Dublin, TX!

giant soda bottle on the corner of the road

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11 Delightful Things to Do in Dublin

Tour Dublin Bottling Works.

Charming, colorful, and incredibly interesting, touring Dublin Bottling Works will allow you to learn about the 120+ year history of the company, bottle your own soda on a tour of the small but still-working plant, and get all the details on why Dublin Bottling Works’ most famous product–Dr. Pepper–stopped being bottled there in 2012 (it’s understandably a bit of a sore point).

Without a doubt, touring Dublin Bottling Works is one of the most unique things to do in Dublin, and is not to be missed!

exterior of dublin bottling works in dublin texas

Visit Old Doc’s Soda Shop. 

If you take a tour of Dublin Bottling Works, you’ll wrap up in Old Doc’s Soda Shop, where you can taste some of Dublin Bottling Works’ original soda–but if you happen to be visiting Dublin quickly and don’t have time for the full tour, it’s still worth ducking in here.

exterior of old doc's soda shop, one of the most fun things to do in dublin tx

Check out the W.P. Kloster Museum Annex.

For more details on the founding of Dublin Bottling Works in the late 19th century and the work that its founders put into expanding, check out this small museum across the street!

A tour here is included in the greater Dublin Bottling Works tour, or you can visit independently.

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Stop by the WM Wright Historical Park.

This small historic park in Dublin is located just across the street from the Dublin Rodeo Heritage Museum and Dublin Historical Museum, making it an easy addition to a trip to town.

Featuring a 19th-century log cabin and grist mill, it’s a fun stop that doesn’t take long to see.

small log cabin at wm wright historical site, one of the best places to visit in dublin texas

Step inside the Dublin Rodeo Heritage Museum.

Dublin may be a very small town these days (population: 3600), but in the mid-20th century, it was also a hotspot for rodeo!

The Dublin Rodeo Heritage Museum tells the story of the Lightning C Ranch, which was based in Dublin and produced rodeos as far away as New York and as large as the legendary Houston Rodeo.

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… and then move next door to the Dublin Historical Museum.

Step inside the Dublin Historical Museum to learn about the history of this Texas town–and also to learn interesting trivia like the fact that Dublin, Texas very well may not have been named after Dublin, Ireland after all!

front facades of dublin texas historical museum and rodeo museum

Snap photos with Dublin’s whimsical roadside attractions. 

Dublin has plenty of interesting photo spots worth snapping pictures with when exploring the best things to see in Dublin!

In addition to the 4-leaf clover sign mentioned above, be sure to seek out the “Greetings from Dublin” mural (you can find it on the side of the Dublin Citizen Newspaper building) and the gigantic Dublin Bottling Works bottle (located just down the street from Dublin Bottling Works).

bright yellow mural stating "greetings from dublin texas"

Taste Veldhuizen cheese.

A family-run cheese farm local to town, tasting delicious Veldhuizen cheese belongs on any list of what to do in Dublin, TX! 

Want to get beyond simply eating the cheese? Consider taking a cheese-making tour on the farm (they’re only offered a couple of times a week, so be sure to plan ahead for this!).

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Shop for Irish-themed souvenirs.

Of course the Irish Capital of Texas has to be home to an Irish-themed store!

Things Celtic originally got its start in Austin, but ultimately decided that Dublin, Texas would be an even better home.

Selling everything from imported Claddagh rings to custom-made kilts, this unique store is definitely worth visiting during a trip to Dublin!

front facade of things celtic store at sunset

Check out the Ben Hogan Museum.

Hometown hero Ben Hogan has an incredible story: born in 1912 in Dublin, after a devastating car crash it was believed he would never walk again–until he became one of the most celebrated and successful golfers in history.

The Ben Hogan Museum tells his remarkable story.

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… and the National Health and Public Safety History Museum.

The newest of Dublin’s museums, the National Health and Public Safety History Museum opened in early 2020–and the curator, Jonathan Weiss, could never have guessed how intense interest in the subject would have blown up just as he was opening the collection!

With tributes to first responders, as well as artifacts and examples of public health efforts going back almost 100 years, it’s a fascinating addition to Dublin’s collection of small museums.

red and white lettering on exterior of metal building reads "the national health and public safety history museum"

Visit Dublin for St. Patrick’s Day!

As the proud Irish capital of Texas, it’s no surprise that Dublin throws a wonderful St. Patrick’s celebration each year!

Festivities last for days–check here for details and up-to-date information on next year’s events.

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Where is Dublin, Texas?

Dublin, Texas is located in Erath County, not far from Stephensville. 

It’s about 2.5 hours (120 miles) southwest of central Dallas and 1 hour, 45 minutes (90 miles) southwest of central Fort Worth.

It’s about 2.5 hours (150 miles) north of central Austin.

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