Texas Trade Days: 12 Coolest Flea Markets in Texas (+ Tips!)

Ready to go on a treasure hunt? There’s no better place to do so than at one of the best flea markets in Texas!

Whether you’re searching for antique furniture, homemade jam, or unusual trinkets, Texas trade days are a fantastic experience.

Here are the best Texas flea markets around, plus tips on how to make the most of trade days in Texas!

woman with short blond hair holding up a tank top from a pile at one of the texas flea markets

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The Best Flea Markets in Texas

First Monday Trade Days, Canton

The oldest flea market in Texas, Canton’s First Monday Trade Days occurs the first weekend of each month.

Whether you are looking for antiques or original creations, you will find a little bit of everything at this popular flea market.

Canton has done a great job of creating sections, so visitors can meander through what they are looking for, whether it’s crafts, quilts, food, metalworking, or wood carving.

Don’t forget to head to the animal center where there is a huge variety of pets, cattle, and livestock. Some of the best animal care products and food can be purchased here as well.

This fair is so big, you will need a full day to see it all.

painted wood-carved horses. handcrafted goods like this are common at the best trade days in texas

Third Mondays, McKinney

One of the biggest flea markets in Texas, McKinney Trade Days has a huge variety of homemade arts and crafts.

The vendor products range from homemade decor to handcrafted furniture to antiques. The crafts and vendors have a huge variety of original ideas and creations.

This is a great place to shop when decorating your home or purchasing presents. The vendors are also flexible, a lot of them will allow you to place an order if they don’t have exactly what you are looking for on display.

small antique cat figurine surrounded by antique dishware

Bussey’s Flea Market, Schertz

Just northeast of San Antonio, this is the largest market in the state and one of the largest in the nation. Bussey’s has a little bit of everything, so come prepared to explore!

Parking can sometimes be a little far, so bring a wagon or large shoulder bag for purchases.

The food at this market is abundant and frequent, so it’s easy to stay fueled during these trade days in Texas.

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Texas Antiques Fair, Round Top

One of the best antique markets in the state, this market covers a twenty-five-mile span and sixty locations across central Texas, centered near Round Top, Texas.

This fair only occurs twice a year, in the spring and fall, but runs for about two weeks.

If you love antiques, this is a “must visit” event, and the ultimate opportunity to make the most of Texas flea markets.

Because this fair spans so many miles, visitors typically make hotel reservations well in advance.  

collection of antique furniture for sale, a common sight at the best flea markets in texas like the round top antiques fair

Traders Village Flea Market, Houston 

Traders Village is open every weekend. The diversity of furniture, decor, crafts, and art make for a full day of exploration.

The selection of vendors includes not only metal and craft art, but also car accessories, clothing, shoes, electronics, and motorized scooters.

One unique thing about Trader Village is the addition of carnival rides for all ages.  

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77 Flea Market, Brownsville

Plan a trip to Brownsville for a South Texas cultural expedition.

The food vendors at this market are some of the best and most unique in Texas, making this one of the best trade days in Texas for foodies to visit. Along with a variety of crafts and antiques, you will find one of the largest selections of spices and craft cookware in the state.

This Texas flea market is open every Saturday and Sunday throughout the year.

selection of chilis for sale in the food section of a texas trade days

Austin Country Flea Market

Located in Austin off Highway 290, this market is as unique as Austin itself.

A large part has covered stalls and walkways, which provides great protection from the Texas sun.

Not only does this flea market have one of the largest selections of stalls and vendors, but the live music heard throughout the park which creates a fun ambiance for visitors–no surprise, given that this Texas flea market is located in the Live Music Capital of the World!

piled of books at one of the best trade days in texas

Buffalo Gap Flea Market, Abilene

Taking place every third weekend of the month, this market has a real West Texas flair.

The assortment of metal and leather crafts is one of the most varied in the state. Handmade soaps, oils, and sewn items make Buffalo Gap one of the best flea markets in Texas for crafters.

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Buchanan’s Vintage Market, Dallas

For those who are in the market for antiques and vintage items, this flea market in Dallas is the place to go. It is open the third weekend of each month and filled with historical treasures.

Whether you are looking for historical furniture or knick-knacks of by-gone eras, you will find items from any era since the mid-1800s.

collection of mismatched vintage teacups, some of the treasures available at the best trade days in texas

Rice Village Flea Market, Houston

Located in the heart of Houston, this is the art market of the state. Every type of art can be bought here from original paintings, sculptures, and photography.

Ready to make a statement? The handcrafted jewelry and creative clothing designs give shoppers a truly creative experience.

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Fort Worth Flea Market

Open every Saturday and Sunday, this market is the epitome of this city’s history as a “gateway to the west.”

While a visitor can find all sorts of crafts and vintage items, this fair has some of the best collections of western and Indian jewelry in the state.

Another positive for this market is the parking- there are so many lots that you typically don’t see roadside parking.  

collection of colorful vintage jewelry laid out for sale on a table

Sunny Flea Market, Houston

Located off Airline Drive in Houston, this market is a full-day event for the whole family.

One of the great things about this market is the fresh produce and savory spices that can be found around every corner.

With over 1,000 vendors, this open-market fair has a great ambiance with music, spices, crafts, and antique treasures. 

woman's hand outstretched as she tries on a leather bracelet at a craft fair

Tips for Making the Most of Texas Trade Days

Bring cash to flea markets in Texas.

While a lot of vendors these days are using technology for debit and credit purchases, cash is always the preferred medium when shopping at trade days in Texas.

When stocking up for your trip, make sure to stock up on smaller denominations. It is harder to convince someone to take a lower price when they have to make change for you.

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Learn the fine art of haggling.

A sometimes fun creative art, haggling can get you a great deal or dissuade a seller.

When making an offer on something that is obviously handmade, remember that the price you offer is determining the value of someone’s hard work and labor. Offering an extremely low price could be taken as an insult and end negotiations right there.

The general rule for haggling is to start off offering 10-20% below the price.

If you are going to try for a bigger discount than that, be prepared to show cash. 

woman in a knit hat shopping at an outdoor flea market

Bring water along to trade days in Texas.

These fairs can get hot, especially from April through October. Carry a bottle of water per person to stay hydrated and keep from overheating.

Be prepared to haul your purchases home.

If you are expecting to make quite a few purchases, then bringing a large carrying bag or wagon would be beneficial for toting your purchases.

If you parked far away, you won’t want to haul every newfound treasure back to your vehicle individually.

3 antique gramophones sitting on a wooden desk--you'll want to be prepared to haul purchases like this home from the best texas flea markets

Wear comfortable shoes.

Expect to do a lot of walking when exploring Texas flea markets. One of the most important things is to wear comfortable shoes.

As you wander through all the stalls, you can expect to spend a full day and average over 10,000 steps worth of walking.

Limping around in painful shoes will really take the fun out of the trip.

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Have a plan for tackling Texas trade days.

Some of the most unique decorative designs can be purchased at flea markets in Texas. One way that people sometimes end up with a decorative piece they don’t know what to do with is when they make purchases without a plan.

Before you go, know what room, wall, and/or theme you want to find a new piece for.

This not only makes it easier to focus on what you want while you meander through the market, but it also helps to keep from having that regret purchase later. 

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