How to Visit the Greetings From Austin Mural

Austin is known for its many murals–some iconic, some ever-changing–but perhaps none is more famous than the eye-catching Greetings From Austin mural, which is designed to look like an impressive vintage postcard from the 1940s!

Originally painted in 1998 by Todd Sanders, the owner of Roadside Relics (aka the building that the mural is painted onto) and his friend Roy Skagen, it was updated in 2013 thanks to community fundraising efforts.

Today, the mural–sometimes also called the Welcome to Austin Mural or Austin Postcard Mural–is as popular as ever, and is an incredibly popular (and easy-to-reach) photo spot not far from South Congress.

Tips for Visiting the Greetings from Austin Mural

You’ll need to park on the street.

As Annie Street, the easiest place to park when viewing the mural, is a residential area, be sure to be cognizant not to block residents’ driveways.

Annie Street looking toward Austin postcard mural

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Don’t be shy.

Odds are, you won’t be the only visitor there planning to snap photos–it’s common for a small line to form, especially on beautiful weekend days.

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Watch out for traffic.

In order to capture the whole Greetings from Austin mural, especially without a wide-angle lens, you’ll need to step into Annie Street. Keep a very close eye on traffic, and move fast!

kate storm standing in front of the greetings from austin mural on a cloudy day in january

Beware of shadows.

Aim for a day with even light–harsh afternoon shadows can make this mural difficult to photograph at times.

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Address + Essential Details 

Address: 1720 S 1st Street

While the official address of the Welcome to Austin Mural is on 1st Street, note that the mural itself is actually along Annie Street. 

It’s easiest to park along Annie Street and then walk a short distance to the mural.

The Greetings From Austin postcard is about a 13-minute walk from Jo’s (home of the famous “I love you so much” mural) and a 6-minute walk from June’s All Day, both on South Congress.

greetings from austin mural with roadside relics sign to the right

What Else to See Next to the Austin Postcard Mural

Within literal steps of the Greetings From Austin mural, here are a few other spots to see!

La Patisserie

Located right next door to Roadside Relics–and with some charming murals of their own–this French-style bakery offers up delicious French pastries and treats, all cooked from scratch, along with great coffee.

la patisserie coffee cup being held up in front of paintings of pastries on a pink background

Among the Wildflowers Mural

Look across Annie Street from the Greetings From Austin mural, and you’ll see a beautiful, new mural displaying a collection of flowers along with the Tom Petty quote, “you belong among the wildflowers”.

It is both gorgeous and difficult to photograph, as power lines that cut right in front of the mural make it near-impossible to capture the whole thing in a dead-on image.

blue mural with wildflowers in austin with tom petty quote at the top

Roadside Relics

The place that started it all: Greetings From Austin is painted onto the south exterior wall of Roadside Relics, a shop dedicated to creating replicas of iconic relics from the first half of the 20th century, including everything from gas pumps to tires!

Map to Find the Greetings From Austin Mural

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