12 of the Most Haunted Places in Dallas, TX

Home of the Texas State Fair and America’s Football Team, Dallas has been a popular, thriving, and exciting destination since 1841–and yet, there are several reportedly haunted places in Dallas, too!

While the city is less than 200 years old and beloved by many, the greater Dallas area did not escape the darker stains of history.

And anyone with knowledge of the paranormal knows that those dark stains leave a permanent mark.

Tales of abandoned brides, little girls who perished tragically, and gruesome deaths are sure to make you shiver.

Whether it’s a haunted hotel, cursed bridge, or grand theatre, Dallas has plenty of supernatural hotspots for you to investigate!

Here are where you can find the most haunted places in Dallas–plus the ghost stories and legends that made them famous.

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woods in river legacy park, one of the best dallas ghost destinations

Old Alton Bridge

Featured on more than one Travel Channel program, Old Alton Bridge, otherwise known as “Goatman’s Bridge,” has a unique and tragic paranormal history.

While the bridge is no longer in use, it still can be found in a densely forested area 1 hour northwest of Dallas, near Denton.

It is said that the lynching of an innocent man happened on the bridge.

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The story goes that the man cheated death by slipping out of the noose and transforming into the half-man, half-goat apparition that is seen walking about the bridge today.

Visitors have also reported being touched, scratched, and seeing strange lights at all hours of the night.

So, beware that this haunted destination isn’t for the faint of heart!

Old Alton Bridge in Denton Texas at sunset, with the red iron bars of the bridge in the foreground

The Adolphus Hotel

Want to get a taste of the luxurious side of Dallas while also getting to spend the night with a few ghosts?

Then The Adolphus Hotel is the getaway for you!

Opened in 1912, this hotel has constantly been the benchmark for what a lavish hotel should look like.

But don’t let the grandeur fool you: this is one of the most haunted hotels in Dallas, TX.

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This hotel is haunted by the spirit of a bride who was left standing at the altar. She can be heard wailing at night.

However, she’s not the only one present.

The elevators move and open on their own, and cell phones eerily ring from an unknown number, reminding you that you are never alone in this hotel.

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front facade of adolphus haunted hotel in dallas texas in black and white

The Majestic Theater

The last standing Theatre on Theatre Row and historical landmark, the Majestic Theater is one of the most haunted places in Dallas.

Throughout 100 years, the building has stood and offered masterful performances.

However, now the building also stands as a hotspot for the supernatural.

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The most prominent spirit is that of the Theatre’s original owner Karl Hoblitzelle.

He unlocks and opens locked doors, lowers the temperature of the room, and makes props disappear.

He even lights up a balcony where he wants to watch the next show, and the employees respect his wish by reserving it for him.

Who knows, you might even be greeted by this friendly ghost when you drop by for a show!

front facade of the majestic theater, one of the most haunted places in dallas texas

Snuffer’s Restaurant

This delicious destination on Greenville Avenue has been haunted for years, but it isn’t your ordinary haunting.

The strangest part?

The original building was demolished and rebuilt from the ground up in 2013.

Their resident ghost moved right back in.

It’s believed the ghost is a victim of murder, and he never lets anyone forget he has made a home in Snuffer’s Restaurant.

From employees to customers, there’s no end to the paranormal activity that this spirit stirs up.

Appearing in mirrors, making objects move, and calling out employees’ names, this is definitely the place to grab a meal if you like a sprinkle of spooky in your life.

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White Rock Lake

Want to get out of the city and take a stroll through nature to hunt for a ghost in Dallas?

Then White Rock Lake is what you’re looking for!

As one of the most popular lakes in the Dallas area, it offers a plethora of activities to do as you wait for the sun to set.

But once it does, you’ll have the chance to meet the “Lady of the Lake.”

Described as a pale girl in a sheer, soaked, white dress appears to visitors as they drive through the park at night and asks to be taken home.

By the time the helpful driver takes her to the address she asked for, all that’s left of her to remind them she really did climb into the back seat of their car is a puddle she leaves behind.

Legend says she died from drowning in a boating accident with her family.

Sunset over White Rock Lake in Dallas Texas

Six Flags Over Texas

Filled with screams of terror and enjoyment, this amusement park appears as though the only thing scary to be found is their annual Halloween attraction, Fright Fest.

But while the day and night are filled with noise, a quieter part of the park is inhabited by a spirit.

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Specifically, that of a little girl named Annie.

While there may not be spirits all over the park, she has been known to appear to employees and on a ride or two not far from her small yellow home in the Texas section of the park.

So come and enjoy the park and you just might see Annie yourself!

long exposure of a carousel spinning at night amusement park ghosts dallas tx

River Legacy Park

Just outside of Dallas, in Arlington, there is a park with not one but 3 supernatural hotspots!

So, if White Rock Lake’s ghosts were too tame for your tastes, this park is much more active.

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Screaming Bridge

The first hotspot in River Legacy Park is called the “Screaming Bridge.”

It’s a very narrow bridge where a head-on collision is said to have happened, killing everyone involved.

As one might expect, this didn’t improve the reputation of the structure.

People still report paranormal activity on the bridge to this day.

And while the bridge only allows people to cross it now, it doesn’t stop the sound of oncoming traffic or two pairs of headlights from showing up after dark.

close up of woods river legacy park one of the most haunted dallas spots

The Hobo

A kindhearted ghost with the nickname the Hobo is also seen in the park.

He knocks on the windows of couples in the parking lot to check on them.

Given the man is said to have heroically passed while attempting to save a woman from her abusive boyfriend, this haunting is benign in nature.

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Hell’s Gate

The final place in the park that is haunted is that of a trail that leads to “Hell’s Gate.”

While there is no physical gate, the two fenceposts remind you that there once was one.

Just as uneasy as one might feel standing on the Screaming Bridge after dark, it feels just as chilling at night.

Supposedly, Union spies were hanged here during the Civil War as punishment after being caught.

It is said that people have heard the sobbing, praying, and whispering of soldiers being led to their doom.

They make their pleas to live is in vain as a man in a Confederate Uniform looks on with evil glee.

This makes this park a must-see if you’re looking for a spooky place in the Dallas area that is away from the city.

black and white photo of a tree river legacy park

The Hotel Lawrence (now known as the La Quinta Inn & Suites)

This La Quinta Inn & Suites, formerly known as The Hotel Lawrence, is not a new hotel.

Constructed in 1925, the hotel was built for people passing through the city.

However, with time and reputation, it became a premier hotel everyone wanted to stay at.

Sadly, both murder and death followed the fame of the hotel.

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From a congressperson committing suicide to the death of a woman who fell from one of the upper floors, this hotel has seen and heard it all.

Aside from a few distinct ghosts, most paranormal occurrences are tame.

Among the unexplained phenomenon are unexplained footsteps, some shadowy figures, and see objects move all by themselves.

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person opening up a hotel room door, haunted places in dallas tx

Sons of Herman Hall

Thirsty for a beverage and want to learn how to dance with the dead?

Then head on over to Sons of Herman Hall, a popular bar, event, and dance hall that also happens to be a haunted Dallas destination.

Not much is known about the bar’s past, but indications of spiritual activity indicate it had a pretty positive history.

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From the sound of children playing to apparitions of well-dressed patrons of the establishment, this bar stays popular around the clock.

Aside from apparitions, dance instructors and bartenders report seeing shadows, hearing, and finding that furniture has been moved.

One might even witness a picture falling off a wall or have a door slam in their face, but the spirits never stay upset for long.

So, head on over for a drink and leave with a paranormal story you’ll never forget.

black and white photo of people dancing in a dance hall

The Millermore Mansion

Dating back to the 1800s, this historic mansion was built to be a home for entrepreneur William Brown Miller.

Multiple deaths occurred in the home over the years, including two of Miller’s wives.

Those two wives and the still-born child one of his wives died giving birth also haunt the mansion.

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Terrifying shrieks thought to be that of a child are heard whenever the crib is moved, and lights are seen moving about the master bedroom.

Security guards have even reported seeing white faces in the windows and unexplainable happenings they see.

Care to brave this mansion yourself?

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