11 Amazing Things to Do in Alpine, Texas (+ Nearby)

As an isolated college town with sweeping views, few neighbors, and relatively mild weather thanks to its 4500 feet of elevation, it’s no surprise that there are plenty of quirky sights and things to do in Alpine, Texas.

Alpine is one of those towns that’s simply easy to love: situated in Big Bend Country, several hours from any of Texas’ major population centers, Alpine’s constant heartbeat of college kids paired with wide-open spaces leaves plenty of room for creativity and artistic expression.

As a result, downtown Alpine often feels like a mash-up of art class meets the wild west, in all the best ways.

Heading to Big Bend National Park and planning to visit Alpine when you’re in the area?

Here’s what to do in Alpine, TX!

mural of horses and cowboys. seeking out murals is among the best things to do alpine tx

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The Best Things to Do in Alpine, TX

Check out the Museum of the Big Bend.

Dedicated to exploring and preserving the history and culture of the Big Bend region in both Texas and Mexico, the Museum of the Big Bend is one of the most interesting Alpine attractions and an excellent addition to a visit to Big Bend Country as a whole!

As the museum is located on the campus of Sul Ross State University, visiting will also give you a chance to get a quick look at campus life in this college town.

horse statue on sul ross university campus near museum of the big bend, one of the best attractions alpine texas

Take a historic walking tour of charming downtown Alpine.

From historic homes, churches, and shops to a railroad station to a post office to hotels, there is so much history in Alpine.

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Many of the buildings in downtown Alpine have a decades-long history and plenty of stories to tell–and with a little help, you can learn a lot when strolling through downtown!

This self-guided historic walking tour published by the Alpine Historical Association is a fantastic addition to any trip to Alpine, Texas.

historic buildings lining the street in alpine texas

… and snap plenty of mural photos while you’re at it.

Alpine has a seemingly endless number of colorful murals to enjoy and snap photos of!

If you’re looking for the classic “Greetings from Alpine” postcard mural, you can find it in the food truck park at Holland & Fifth Street.

mural with written facts about alpine things to do

Check into the historic Holland Hotel.

Gorgeous and potentially haunted, we stumbled across the Holland Hotel on a whim when researching where to stay in Alpine, and absolutely fell in love with the hotel while we were there!

Built by local rancher JR Holland in 1928, the Holland Hotel boasts a bit of glitz and glamour that you frankly don’t expect when coming to Big Bend Country.

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The hotel was designed by architect Henry Trost, whose name you might see again when traveling through the area, as he’s also responsible for the Gage Hotel in Marathon and the famous Paisano Hotel in Marfa.

One possible downside was the earplugs left in each room in case the train noise from the tracks across the street bothered us at night–but for what it’s worth, I am a notoriously light sleeper and had zero issues.

We would absolutely stay at the Holland Hotel again on a return trip to Alpine!

Check rates & book your stay at the Holland Hotel!

historic interior lobby of holland hotel with wood beams in the ceiling and a dining table in the center, best places to stay in alpine texas

Take yourself out to the ball game at Kokernot Field.

Want to enjoy a local taste of small-town Texas?

Head out to a ball game at Kokernot Field, which Sports Illustrated named “The Best Little Ballpark in Texas (Or Anywhere Else)“.

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(Okay, yes, they did that in 1989, but Texans don’t forget, and the ballpark has continued to collect accolades since).

A handful of teams now play at the historic park, you can check details and schedules here.

photo of exterior of baseball field with white lettering reading "kokernot field home of the cowboys" in alpine texas

Leave a note at the desk on Hancock Hill.

Situated above Sul Ross University, featuring magnificent views of the sweeping countryside, is Hancock Hill.

And on Hancock Hill, there is a desk, and in the desk, a notebook.

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Sharing a few thoughts here and leaving them–anonymously or otherwise–for the hikers after you is a local tradition going back decades, and one of the best things to do in Alpine.

The climb itself only takes about 20 minutes (assuming you don’t get turned around, of course, which is easy to do)–and it’s absolutely worth the effort when visiting Alpine.

metal desk on top of hancock hill overlooking the countryside, one of the best things to do in alpine texas

What to Do Near Alpine

With a population of about 6,000, there’s no denying that Alpine is small.

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But, once you enjoy all the fun things to do in Alpine itself, there is plenty to enjoy in the surrounding area–starting with the attraction that draws visitors to this region of neverending wide-open spaces in the first place.

views of wild horses in the desert in big bend np

Explore Big Bend National Park.

Without a doubt, Big Bend National Park is the main attraction of the region and the reason that a large percentage of visitors find themselves in Alpine!

From the stunning views of the Chisos Mountains from the Lost Mine Trail to the gorgeous views of the Rio Grande cutting through Santa Elena Canyon to the mesmerizing views from Emory Peak and the Windows Trail, there is no shortage of incredible things to see in Big Bend National Park.

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Keep in mind that Big Bend is one of the largest and most remote national parks in the USA, and visiting from Alpine means lots of time in the car!

Plan on long and exhausting, but memorable and exciting, days when exploring Big Bend National Park.

santa elena canyon in big bend np texas

… and Big Bend Ranch State Park.

Big Bend National Park’s less-famous neighbor is a fantastic destination in its own right!

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While you’re there, be sure to hike Closed Canyon (one of the few accessible slot canyons in Texas), admire views of the Rio Grande (and maybe get in it!), and drive El Camino del Rio, the park’s scenic drive that is frequently ranked one of the top scenic drives in the country.

If you make it all the way to the western edge of the park, Fort Leaton State Historic State is also worth a visit.

rio grande river as seen in tx big bend state park

Snap photos at Prada Marfa.

As one of the most popular roadside attractions in Texas, Prada Marfa is a must-visit when exploring the best things to do in Alpine.

Set up as an art installation in 2005, this Prada has never been open for business–but that doesn’t stop eager visitors from glancing at the bags and shoes through the window every day!

Prada Marfa is not, technically speaking, in either Marfa or Alpine, but in the blink-and-you’ll-miss-it town of Valentine.

prada marfa as seen from across the street in valentine texas

Admire the night sky at the McDonald Observatory.

As one of the top attractions in West Texas, there’s no doubt that the McDonald Observatory should be on your radar when visiting Alpine, Texas!

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As one of the premier centers for astronomical research and public outreach in the world (fun fact: the Davis Mountains are home to some of the darkest skies in the continental USA), the McDonald Observatory is affiliated with the University of Texas.

Plan ahead if you have your heart set on visiting–but it’s well worth the advance planning in order to see the night skies as you likely never have before.

Milky Way as seen at night from the McDonald Observatory, one of the most unique places to visit in Texas and a bucket list Texas travel destination

Visit Fort Davis National Historic Site.

The entire town of Fort Davis, located a short drive north of Alpine, is well worth a visit, but Fort Davis National Historic Site deserves a special mention!

Active from 1854 to 1891, Fort Davis is set dramatically against the Davis Mountains and is considered one of the best-preserved frontier forts in the country.

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During its time as an active fort, Fort Davis was tasked with protecting mail deliveries, freight, and travelers as they passed through the desert.

Today, the remains of more than 100 buildings can be seen at the site, with some having been rebuilt to reflect the fort as it stood in the late 19th century.

buildings of fort davis set against a rock formation, one of the best national parks in texas

Where is Alpine, Texas?

Alpine is located along US-90 W in southwest Texas, in the area known as Big Bend Country.

It’s located roughly halfway between Marfa (which is about 30 minutes, or 26 miles, west of Alpine), and Marathon (which is roughly 30 minutes, or 30 miles, east of Alpine).

The Chisos Basin Visitor Center in the heart of Big Bend National Park is about 2 hours (106 miles) south of Alpine.

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The town of Fort Davis is set about 25 minutes (24 miles) to the north.

Despite the long distances, Alpine is among the best places to stay when visiting Big Bend National Park (especially for those hoping to stay in a town rather than camp).

Exploring the best things to do in Alpine is a fantastic addition to a Big Bend Country road trip!

downtown steet decorated with a mural near some of the best things to do alpine texas

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  1. We were in Alpine in Sept. 2021 where our father lived in 1915. His sister was born there in 1915. Sorry we missed most of these sites while we were there. The University and Library were closed probably because of COVID. Nice small town and we can only imagine the size it must the size it was back in Dad’s days. We did visit the older part and imagined him in that area. Thank you for the tour of Alpine.
    We plan to visit again while continuing our genealogy research.
    Thanks again, we will explore Alpine using your ideas.

  2. We went in 2021, this year and plan to return for another visit next year. The town and region are very special places that are well worth your time

  3. Wife and I graduated from Sul Ross and our oldest daughter was born there ( she is now the only veterinarian in Christoval, Texas.) I received my Horse Shoeing certification and graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Animal Science. I then went to Texas Tech and got my Ag Science teaching certificate. We loved Alpine but moved to Pecos Texas and my wife and I taught school there. Alpine still has a place in my heart for its laid back ways and great folks.


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