11 Fun Things to Do in Rockport, TX

As you make your way to Rockport, Texas, you are greeted by salty air, glistening water, and seagulls glistening above–a sure sign that you’re headed to one of the best beach towns in Texas! Rockport has a small-town feel but is bursting with things to see, places to go, and some delicious food. In other words, there is no shortage of fun things to do in Rockport-Fulton!

Here’s what to do in Rockport (plus a few fun things to do in nearby Fulton) to create a memorable beach getaway!

Small island with shrubbery poking up from the ocean near rockport texas

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The Best Things to Do in Rockport, TX

Stroll through historic downtown Rockport.

Rockport’s historic downtown has an idyllic small-town feel and plenty of sights to enjoy–not surprising consider that it is considered one of the best beach towns in Texas.

There are shops of all types and the people that own the shops are so kind and genuine. Some favorite stops in downtown Rockport are Sassy Chic, Goin’ Coastal Outfitters, and Rowdy Maui.

Sassy Chic is a boutique with the cutest clothes at really incredible prices, absolutely worth a stop. Rowdy Maui is a quirky little shop full of handmade items and great gifts! Goin’ Coastal Outfitters has the most precious graphic tees revolving around beach living and beyond.

Another neat aspect of Goin’ Coastal outfitters is that they have a place to buy an ice cream in the back. Grab your favorite type of ice cream and continue on your downtown adventure.

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Go birdwatching in and around Rockport.

There are so many places around Rockport that are covered in the most incredible wildlife. In the spring people come from miles around to catch a glimpse at a Whooping Crane. Whooping Cranes stand over 4 ft tall, travel in family units of 2-3, and travel through Rockport on their journey south.

If you don’t visit Rockport in the spring, you can catch glimpses of your share of Pelicans, Egrets, Herons, Roseate Spoonbills, and more.

Traveling around Rockport you are sure to find some incredible birds that you don’t see in many places. An amazing spot to see in the spring is the Egret & Heron Rookery, where Egrets and Herons create their next in the tippy top of trees. To view the rookery, turn left at HEB and as you come around the corner look up and to your left.

Whooping crane flying over a marsh in rockport texas

Grab a delicious coffee (with a side of shopping).

Bella La Brew is absolutely worth a stop when looking for the best things to do in Rockport. They a ton of different types of coffee as well as seasonal flavors that are sure to make you coming back for more. They also offer all types of light eats such as bagels, muffins, pies, and more.

They have plenty of seating that you can work from or couches to have some friends join you, so don’t worry about hurrying away!

Another neat aspect of Bella La Brew is that connected to this precious little coffee shop is an adorable boutique. Bella la Rue is a boutique offering some of the best and unique gifts where you are sure to find something to leave with.

They have adorable baby gifts, unique and fun gifts for birthdays, and adorable women’s clothing. Order your coffee and head on over to Bella la Rue while you wait to soak up a fun little shop.

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Enjoy more incredible wildlife at the Aransas Wildlife Refuge.

Within 30 minutes of Rockport is the most amazing wildlife refuge full of wildlife of all shapes and sizes. You can join in on a birding tour with an educated guide or you can venture off on your own to discover some incredible wildlife. There are nature trails and overlooks situated all over the Aransas Wildlife Refuge where you can catch a glimpse at wildlife.

From February- December every year tourists come from miles around to catch a glimpse at the migrating Whooping Cranes who migrate to Aransas Wildlife Refuge every year.

One of the most popular trails is the Heron Flats trail where you are likely to see alligators, Roseate Spoonbills, Herons, and more.

You can also continue driving and come to the observation tower where you can climb up to a height where you can view all of the forest and beach below.

No matter where you venture within the Aransas Wildlife Refuge, you are sure to find some great wildlife. Make sure to bring your camera!

View from Heron Flats trail at Aransas Wildlife refuge near rockport tx

Dig your feet into the sand.

Rockport Beach is seriously one of a kind and a great spot to stop by on your trip to Rockport. Rockport Beach is labeled as Texas’ First Blue Wave beach which simply means that they are on top of littering and do not allow dogs or glass containers on the beach, and it’s one of the best Texas beaches to visit.

In order to enjoy Rockport Beach, you pay 5 dollars for a day pass and you can enjoy the entire day.

Rockport Beach is lined with cabana umbrellas perfect for you and your family to set up for the day. They also have an area roped off to have a space for migrating birds so you may see all kinds of unique birds on your trip.

Rockport beach with multiple straw cabanas visible with the water in the background. visiting rockport beach is one of the most fun things to do in rockport tx

Step inside the Fulton Mansion.

The Fulton Mansion is stocked full of incredible history, and so many stories have come from the walls of this amazing home. 

The Fultons were an affluent family that earned their fortune by shipping beef tallow from Rockport to New Orleans in the 1870s. The house is full of incredible reminders of awe-inspiring architecture, unique construction methods, and the history of the Fulton family.

You can take a self-guided audio tour where you use your own phone to guide you through the halls of Fulton Mansion.

Fulton Mansion from the outside, one of the best things to do in rockport tx

Go fishing in Rockport.

There are piers located throughout Rockport allowing you to find the perfect spot for your fishing endeavors.

There are plenty of bait stores lining the Rockport shore where you can grab some live bait or artificial bait for fishing on one of the many piers in Rockport.

You can spend hours fishing from the piers around Rockport and if you go at the right times you can catch the most incredible sunset or sunrise that surrounds you with beautiful oranges and reds while you listen to the crashing of waves against the shore.

If fishing from the pier isn’t enough of an adventure for you, consider hiring a fishing guide to take you out for full or half-day adventure where you are sure to catch some gigantic Red Drum, Black Drum, and Sheephead.
Fishing boats with a bird on a column in the foreground. fishing belongs on any list of what to do in rockport tx

Visit Goose Island State Park.

Goose Island is a perfect spot to set up your camp whether you are tent camping or pulling an RV behind you. In order to get to the town of Rockport, you have to drive over a large bridge that offers some incredible views of the water and beach below.

An interesting fact about Goose Island is that many of the trees were windswept during the latest hurricane and were bare for quite some time, now if you visit you will see trees growing every which way that have grown back strong.

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Check out the Big Tree.

Just a couple minutes away from Goose Island is a 1,100-year-old tree called the Big Tree. The (aptly named) Big Tree is a gigantic oak that has branches that sprawl all over the place. This majestic tree is definitely a sight to see because of how long it has lived and all of the stories it could tell.

The Big Tree still stands strong despite surviving many hurricanes over the centuries and stopping by definitely belongs on your list of things to do in Rockport.

The Big Tree near Rockport Tx things to do

Eat some delicious queso (with a seafood twist).

Paradise Key Dockside Grill is full of the most delicious food with great views of boats coming and going and pelicans searching for their next meal. As you go into Paradise Key you pass boats of all shapes and sizes, see fisherman lining the shore, and seagulls and pelicans soaring overhead.

Grab yourself the most amazing appetizer, queso with crawfish etouffee, and sit back and relax with a gorgeous view. Time can pass quickly as you watch all the birds flying by wondering where they are going next and watching them divebomb for their next catch.

After you eat, you can catch a glimpse at some pelicans that are in search of a good meal at the fish station. Many fishermen will hang their catch of the day on hooks at the station to capture a picture of all they caught. Pelicans will stand by, mouths open wide, waiting for one fish to flop off of the hook and into their mouths. It is a funny sight to watch!

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Grab an ice-cold drink.

Fulton’s Irish Pub is located right next to Rockport in the adjoining town of Fulton. The two towns are touching and just a couple minutes away from each other.

Fulton’s has live music often and you can catch a seat on the outdoor patio to soak in the ocean breeze while sipping on an ice-cold beer. Grab some appetizers as well and have an amazing night soaking in the smell of the ocean.

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