11 Great RV Parks Near Big Bend National Park

RV camping is, without a doubt, one of the best ways to experience the wide-open spaces of Big Bend National Park–and these popular RV parks near Big Bend make excellent bases for your exploring.

As one of the largest national parks in the lower 48, Big Bend National Park requires enormous driving distances in order to see each of its most popular attractions, making the prospect of RV camping near Big Bend as practical as it is fun.

However, as Big Bend NP increases in popularity for Texans and out-of-staters alike, it is becoming increasingly more difficult to find a last-minute campsite.

Thankfully, there are several options within the boundaries of the camp and in the surrounding areas for you to stay during your visit.

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We rounded up 11 of the best RV parks near Big Bend National Park, all of which would make a great base for your travels.

There are several campgrounds that only offer dry camping while others offer you full hookups and this guide will help you narrow down what you and your family need.

Once you land on the perfect RV park for you, we highly recommend making a reservation as soon as possible!

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RV Camping in Big Bend National Park

There are several campgrounds within Big Bend National Park that you can choose to stay at while you explore.

With each of these campgrounds, you are limited to reserving up to fourteen nights at a time, and they tend to book up months in advance.

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Rio Grande Village Campground

The Rio Grande Village Campground is the most sought-after RV campground in Big Bend National Park, as it’s the only campground within the park boundaries that offers full hookups.

With the popularity of Big Bend along with only 25 sites available, it is crucial to act quickly to get a spot in this campground.

Also, if you have a larger RV (longer than 40 feet) you will need to call ahead to make sure there is a space that can accommodate your large rig.

Big Bend National Park is incredibly popular and people travel from all over the world to visit this Texas gem.

You can plan ahead by booking your site at Rio Grande Village Campground online–20 sites are available through the reservation system.

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Chisos Basin Campground

While Rio Grande Village Campground offers you amenities like water hookups and sewer hookups, Chisos Basin offers you a prime location.

Chisos Basin Campground doesn’t offer you any hookups but will give you a perfect spot right next to a variety of trailheads.

This is a huge advantage if you’re hoping to hike popular trails with limited parking, such as the Lost Mine Trail.

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Chisos Basin is also cheaper than the Rio Grande Campground, and if you have a Senior Pass you will only pay eight dollars a night.

An amazing aspect of the Chisos Basin Campground is while you don’t have hookups there are bathrooms, running water, and a dump station nearby.

If your RV is longer than 24 feet, it is often not advised to book a campsite here as the roads are very windy and can prove problematic for your rig.

chisos basin campground as seen from above, one of the best rv campgrounds big bend national park

Cottonwood Campground

Shade is hard to come by at Big Bend National Park so if you are looking for a shaded spot, Cottonwood Campground is your best bet.

This Big Bend campground only allows dry camping, meaning no hookups are available. Generators are also not permitted.

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As many parts of the National Park getting extremely hot in the summer months, each of these campgrounds can see 100 degrees or more.

While the Cottonwood Campground is surrounded by cottonwood trees, it can still become extremely hot in this area and you should plan accordingly.

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RV Parks Near Big Bend National Park

Terlingua Ranch Lodge

Terlingua Ranch Lodge is another great option when searching for a place to park your RV while you explore Big Bend National Park.

They offer you 30 or 50 amp services as well as the choice for a back-in or pull-through site.

There are only eight full hookup sites, so if you are looking at staying at Terlingua Ranch, it is crucial to book early.

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One crucial aspect thing to know about Terlingua Ranch Lodge is that the last few miles getting to the ranch are unpaved.

Although the roads are unpaved, they are safe for RVs to drive on and should not be a significant concern.

Terlingua Ranch Lodge also has several amenities like a swimming pool, horseshoes, and more.

There is also a bathhouse nearby that you can utilize if you cannot find full hookups available.

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Big Bend Ranch State Park

Nearby the national park lies the beautiful, but far less crowded, Big Bend Ranch State Park.

Within the boundaries of the park, there are several primitive camping options.

One way to save money if you plan to camp at various Texas state parks is to buy a Texas state park pass.

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With this pass, your day fees will be waived and you will end up saving a good amount of money during your stay.

There are three drive-in primitive campsites that you can choose from.

Remember that there are no hookups and you will be dry camping during your stay at Big Bend Ranch State Park.

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Marathon Motel & RV Park

Big Bend National Park and the surrounding area are well known for stargazing.

Stargazing is incredibly popular because of the dark sky that is not tainted by light pollution.

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One amazing spot to catch a great glimpse of the night sky is while parked at Marathon Motel & RV Park.

This RV park near Big Bend offers 19 full hookup sites to give you a prime location to spend your days exploring Big Bend National Park during the day.

Another positive attribute of Marathon Motel & RV Park is that you will be greeted by beautiful views all around away from the noise.

milky way as seen when stargazing, a popular thing to do at rv campgrounds near big bend national park

Big Bend Resort RV Park + Campground

Located in Terlingua, the Big Bend Resort provides you with all you need to enjoy your stay while you explore the surrounding areas.

Big Bend RV Resort offers over 120 sites, and each of them provides you with full hookups.

Not only does Big Bend Resort give you a great spot to set up camp, but they also have several tour options available, from day tours to horseback riding.

Big Bend Resort allows you multiple opportunities to make memories within the boundaries of Big Bend National Park.

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Maverick Ranch

One of the more well-known RV campgrounds near Big Bend National Park is just outside of the Lajitas Golf Course.

Maverick Ranch, which is part of Lajitas the popular Lajitas Golf Resort, provides luxury in the midst of the desert.

From an onsite spa, golf course, shooting courses, and more Maverick Ranch does not lack amenities in any way.

Spend your day hiking the trails at Big Bend National Park, then head back early to enjoy everything Maverick Ranch has to offer.

They even provide you opportunities to zipline and experience the national park from an entirely new perspective.

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BJ’s RV Park Near Big Bend

BJ’s RV Park is a classic option in the Big Bend area that has been around for years.

Although this RV park has had multiple owners, one thing has remained the same: this is an RV park that makes you feel like you are a part of the family.

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With twelve back-in and nineteen pull-through sites, BJ’s RV park gives you several options to choose from.

Similar to several other camps in the area, they offer you full hookups and amenities.

Not only does BJ’s RV park provide you with full hookup sites nearby Big Bend National Park, but they also provide WIFI as well as a common area you can use.

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Road Runner Travelers

Road Runner Travelers RV park offers you a variety of amenities to make your stay comfortable and relaxing.

One of the biggest draws to stay at Road Runner Travelers is how close you are to Big Bend National Park. L

ocation is everything, with Road Runner Travelers only being around 3 miles to the national park.

Another fantastic aspect of this RV park close to Big Bend is that it offers you full hookups and can easily fit bigger trailers.

With over forty acres, there is space for everyone at this RV campground, and you are sure to feel right at home.

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Longhorn Ranch Motel and RV Park

As we all know, Big Bend and the surrounding area can get extremely hot in the summer months.

Longhorn Ranch Motel and RV Park provide you with full hookups to get your rig cool, as well as a pool to soak the day away.

This park would be a great option for those traveling with family that does not have trailers, as they also have several motel rooms available.

With 30 amp and 50 amp coupled with views, Longhorn Ranch Motel is another option to camp nearby Big Bend Ranch National Park.

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Where is Big Bend National Park?

Big Bend National Park is considered a remote park because of how far away from everything–including grocery stores, gas stations, towns, and a wide selection of hotels (you need to head out as far as Marathon for a true town feeling).

Located in the southwest corner of Texas, Big Bend National Park hugs the Texas-Mexico border.

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From areas within the park, you will see the Rio Grande running through the park that separates Texas from Mexico.

Because of just how remote the park is, it is important to find the RV park near Big Bend National Park for you as far in advance as possible.

The most popular time of year to visit Big Bend National Park is October through March, with the temperatures are bearable, and you can see wildflowers all around.

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