9 Texas Sunflower Fields + Farms (That You Can Actually Visit!)

Large yellow sunflower fields in Texas are almost as indicative of the state as the famous bluebonnet.

Sunflowers thrive under the Texas sun and prefer drier soil, the natural environmental conditions found in northern and central Texas.

In the past decade, these beautiful blossoms have earned themselves the nickname “Yellow Gold”. 

We’ve curated a collection of fun, family-friendly farms that welcome visitors to wander through their Texas sunflower fields, allowing people to take pictures and pick the flowers for a small fee.

Many of these farms are just a short drive from several of the main urban hubs in Texas.

Whether traveling in spring or fall, feed your inner naturalist with a leisurely stroll through the beautiful Texas sunflower farms that open their doors to visitors.

young woman standing in one of the texas sunflower farms in a white dress

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Texas Hill Country Sunflower Farms

Wildseed Farms

This beautiful farm is located just outside of Fredericksburg, Texas, and has over 200 acres of flowers with walking trails throughout the property.

Wildseed grows multiple varieties of sunflowers including the Maya Sunflower, the Grey Stripe Sunflower, the Lemon Queen, the Sunspot, the Autumn Beauty, and the Chocolate Cherry.

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The sunflowers on this farm get into full bloom in the late summer and set a perfect background for pictures.

Wildseed Farms grows a variety of wildflowers on their property.

They also have a Vineyard & Tasting Room, a Brewbonnet Biergarten, and a one-site store for home decorating and gardening merchandise. Wildseed Farms is open daily and is free for all visitors.

group of sunflowers near sunset

East Texas Sunflower Farms

P-6 Farms

Thirty-five minutes west of Conroe on TX-105 lies P-6 Farms, just outside the lovely town of Montgomery, Texas. One of the few public sunflower farms in the greater Houston area, this farm makes a great day trip from Houston.

Wander through the Flower Patch, these blooms are lovely and grow to eye level. The sunflowers grown at P-6 Farms include both the traditional dark yellow, along with the lovely orange and dark red varieties.

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Spend some time picking the right blooms for your bouquet and enjoy the sunshine.

Once you have had a chance to fully enjoy the sunflowers, go hunt through the Pumpkin Patch or meander through the Corn Maze.

There are a lot of games, rides, and activities set up to make wonderful fall memories throughout the property. Round the day off with a hayride and some bar-b-que at The Clodhopper. P-6 Farm will be a family fall favorite. 

young woman throwing a hat into the air in front of one of the sunflower fields in texas

Froberg’s Farm

Just thirty minutes south of Houston, this farm has a little bit of everything to charm visitors.

Walk through Froberg Farm’s lovely sunflowers in the Flower Garden and pick the perfect blossom as part of the Fall Festival.

The sunflowers grown here are fall bloomers and are absolutely beautiful in October. 

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Froberg’s Farm is a Pick-Your-Own farm featuring a variety of citrus fruit, strawberries, and blackberries, besides sunflowers and wildflowers. While you get to pick your own, all fruit and vegetables are sold by weight.

There is also an onsite Froberg’s Bakery, which makes dozens of varieties of homemade pies using ingredients from the farm, not to mention the delicious jelly and preserves that are also made in-house. 

close up of two sunflowers in texas

Dewberry Farm

Brookshire, Texas is located just forty-five minutes west of downtown Houston between Interstate 10 and Highway 290.

Dewberry Farms is one of the largest sunflower farms in the area with four acres of over twenty-five planted varieties of sunflowers. The primary acres bloom in May and early June, while one acre holds the large fall bloomers.

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The colors range from yellow to red on these lovely blossoms. Visitors are welcome to pick the sunflowers, which are typically priced per flower.

Dewberry Farm hosts a Sunflower Festival in May, allowing guests to stroll through the neat rows of sunflowers, pick flowers, and take pictures.

Guests can also ride the train around the property and eat some delicious cuisine offered by Mattie’s Kitchen, Annabelle’s, or Rooster’s. With rides and lots of fun activities for visitors of all ages, Dewberry Farm should be on your must-visit list for sunflowers. 

young girl holding an armful of sunflowers in tx

North Central Texas Sunflower Fields

The Robinson Family Farm

October is the perfect month to hop in the car and head toward Temple, Texas to pick some sunflowers.

The sunflower fields of the Robinson Family Farm feature beautiful blossoms standing between five and six feet in height. Follow the trail through the tall field and cut a bouquet of sunflowers.

Don’t forget to snap a few pictures, these make for great fall family images or class pictures.

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One thing that really makes Robinson Family Farm stand out from all the rest is the variety of activities they have included on their property.

Besides the wonderful sunflowers, visit the pumpkin patch, listen to live music, walk the corn, jump in the corn pit, and play one of the many games that have been set up in the open yard.

Because this is a working family farm, the owners open their gates on the weekends during select seasons, so check and make sure they are open.

one of the sunflower fields in texas

Wild Berry Farm

Sadler, Texas is a quiet little town located between Gainesville and Sherman, about an hour north of the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex.

Wild Berry Farm began growing sunflowers in 2016. With the success of their first few plantings, the farm has expanded its sunflower crop throughout all of its flower fields. You are allowed to cut the flowers, for a price, just remember to bring a pair of shears and something to hold the flowers.

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Wild Berry Farm grows a variety of fruits and wildflowers. The Farm Cafe is open from Spring through Fall and offers a variety of fresh menu options made from locally sourced fruits and vegetables.

Visitors are welcome during the blooming season, just make sure you check-in at the red barn when you arrive. Wild Berry Farms is family-owned and operated, and the visit is family-friendly.

young girl holding a sunflower in a field

Mainstay Farm Park

This family-owned farm is located in Cleburne, Texas, thirty minutes south of Fort Worth on I-35W.

The Sunflower Patch usually opens in late September and blooms through October.

The sunflowers are part of the fall events calendar for Mainstay Farms, which also includes a pumpkin patch

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The Wilson family has put a lot of love into this property since 1989 and has created a space for visitors to fall in love with the great outdoors.

With games and outdoor play areas for kids of all ages, the Mainstay Farm Park is a full-day event for visitors.

Enjoy the live music while munching on some of the delicious food or desserts. Stop by the Haymarket Store on your way out for great farm decor or a souvenir. 

woman walking through flower fields at sunset

Lone Star Family Farm

Lone Star Family Farm is located about an hour and a half southwest of Fort Worth in Stephenville, Texas (which is also not far from the small town of Dublin).

The large, beautiful sunflowers grown here are fall bloomers, which combines perfectly with the plethora of fall-themed activities available on the farm.

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This is not a sunflower picking farm, but visitors will be delighted to walk the trails through the sunflowers and there are many perfect locations for photo-ops along the path. 

Lone Star is the perfect fall destination for a day of fun with the whole family. Walk through the sunflowers, pick a pumpkin or some cotton, let the kids explore the Mini Corn or Hay Bale Mazes, or watch the pig races.

Adults will enjoy playing a few rounds of Corn Hole, practice roping, or take everyone for a hayride. There are also picnic tables to use after you grab a treat from the concession stand.

blooming texas sunflower fields on a sunny day

Texas Panhandle Sunflower Fields

Maxwell’s Country Family Fun

Situated on the outskirts of Amarillo, this beautiful family farm has acres of Texas sunflower fields.

The fields are open on the weekends to visitors but typically are only in bloom from mid-September to October. 

The walking trails through the sunflowers offer an easy, flat path that can be wheelchair accessible.

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The large, yellow blooms are so beautiful and the west Texas breeze makes for perfect fall weather. 

Maxwell’s Fall Festival has a variety of activities to keep visitors enthralled for a full day of fun.

After visiting and taking photos in the sunflowers, visit the Bunny Village or Duck Derby, climb the Hay Pyramid, shoot an Apple Cannon, or find your way through the Giant Maze.

Wrap up the adventure with a hayride. Don’t forget to fill your tummy with treats like funnel cake, corn dogs, and kettle corn.

close up of a sunflower with a field in the background

Other Places to See Sunflowers in Texas

Before the 2000s, the more historical sunflower fields of Texas were located in the plains area near Lubbock and in the Hill Country.

North-Central Texas, around the Dallas area, has seen an explosion of sunflower farms since 2008, with the number of plants more than quadrupling in Ennis, Navarro, and Hill counties.

Driving through the back roads in these counties will give you beautiful views of acres of sunflowers.

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The farmers don’t mind if you stop and take pictures in front of the fields, but this crop is their livelihood and they prefer visitors not to go into their Texas sunflower fields and do not want anyone picking their crop.

If you do choose to stop, please do so safely–many times during sunflower season in Texas, you’ll see lines of cars parked along highways and interstates, and the speed of nearby traffic calls for caution!

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