50+ Famous Songs About Texas For Your Playlist

There is a massive love for the Lone Star State, and nowhere shows that off quite as much as the sheer number of famous songs about Texas.

From decades-old country songs about Texas to modern references in pop music, there are a seemingly endless number of Texas songs out there.

Whether it is a song about one of the famous cities, one that is just declaring pride for the state, or a song about finding and/or losing love here, there’s a song about Texas for every mood.

Here are 50+ of the most famous songs to add to your Texas playlist!

field of texas bluebonnets in front of a fence, mentioned in many best texas songs

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“All My Ex’s Live In Texas”  

Released in 1987 by George Strait, “All My Ex’s Live In Texas” is definitely a Texas favorite loved by all even if the busy singer is now hiding out in Tennessee.  

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“Beautiful Texas” 

Released in 1968 by Willie Nelson, “Beautiful Texas” is a love song dedicated to the Lone Star State which is the most beautiful place that the singer knows.  

westcave waterfall in texas hill country, texas country music songs

“Amarillo by Morning”  

Released in 1973 by Terry Stafford, “Amarillo by Morning” is a classic written about the love of the rodeo that has been redone numerous times throughout the years, most famously by George Strait in 1983.  

If you’ve ever spent much time listening to Texas songs, or even just a country music radio station in general, it’s almost guaranteed that you’ve heard “Amarillo by Morning” a time or two.

Jeremy Storm sitting on top of a spraypainted Cadillac at Cadillac Ranch Amarillo Texas

“Blame It on Texas”  

Released in 1991 by Mark Chestnutt, “Blame It on Texas” is a comical song that makes Texas a scapegoat, because who doesn’t want to blame all their problems on the great state? 

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“The Bluest Eyes in Texas”  

Released in 1988 by Restless Heart, “The Bluest Eyes in Texas” tells the story of a man being haunted by the bluest eyes after a breakup with his love.  

mural of two colorful foxes in wimberley texas with a painted boot on top--tracking down the painted boots is one of the fun things to do in wimberley tx

“Boogie Back To Texas” 

Released in 1987 by Asleep At The Wheel, “Boogie Back To Texas” is something that true Texans can relate to when leaving the state; the desire to be back home as soon as possible.  

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“God Blessed Texas”  

Released in 1993 by Little Texas, “God Blessed Texas” is a song all Texans know and claims God spent a little extra time on the great state making sure to bless it with his own hands.  

 All Texans have this song memorized from an early age, and there’s no better music to kick of a Texas road trip with!

kate storm sitting on a swing under a texas live oak during the austin to fredericksburg drive

“Texas Kind of Way” 

Released in 2009 by Cody Johnson, “Texas Kind of Way” is a song dedicated to the woman he misses in a very big way; a Texas kind of way. 

“If You’re Gonna Play in Texas (You Gotta Have a Fiddle in the Band)” 

Released in 1984 by Alabama, “If You’re Gonna Play in Texas (You Gotta Have a Fiddle in the Band)” has become an all-time favorite in the Texas country music scene that stresses the importance of the fiddle in a Texas band.  

3 men on horseback riding into an orange sunset, a common sight in western movies about texas

“Miles and Miles of Texas” 

Released in 1976 by Asleep at the Wheel, “Miles and Miles of Texas” is a ballad about a man who wasn’t born in Texas but claims he will never leave now that he is finally here.  

If you’re an adopted Texan, this song is for you!

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“San Antonio Stroll” 

Released in 1975 by Tanya Tucker, “San Antonio Stroll” tells of the effect the charming Texas town can have on a couple and the love to be found there.  

couple walking along the river walk in san antonio, the subject of famous songs about texas


Released in 1969 by Glen Campbell, “Galveston” touches on a soldier who misses home and is known as the unofficial anthem of Galveston Island and the City of Galveston. 

If you’re planning to stretch out on the sand on one of the best beaches in Galveston, be sure to add “Galveston” to your list of Texas songs to play!

galveston historic pleasure pier, one of the fun things to do in south texas

“Luckenbach, Texas (Back to the Basics of Love)”  

Released in 1977 by Waylon Jennings, “Luckenbach, Texas (Back to the Basics of Love)” is a melody suggesting that a couple should return back to the basics of love and not be caught up in the fancy things in life.  

 Beyond being one of the most famous Texas country music songs, “Luckenbach, Texas” is partially responsible for the fame of the actual town of Luckenbach (population: 3).

kate storm and allison green listening to texas country music songs about texas in luckenbach texas song

“I Like Texas”  

Released in 1995 by Pat Green, “I Like Texas” is yet another song that pays homage to Texas and the love that Texans feel for the state.

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“The Yellow Rose of Texas”  

Written in the 1850s, “The Yellow Rose of Texas” is considered one of the top Texas country songs of all time and has been recorded by numerous artists including Elvis Presley, Willie Nelson, and Mitch Miller. 

“Waltz Across Texas” 

Released in 1965 by Ernest Tubb, “Waltz Across Texas” is a classic that is still one of the most popular requested songs in any Texas dancehall.  

people wearing cowboy boots and western clothes dancing on a wooden floor in a texas dance hall

“Texas, Our Texas” 

Written in 1924 by William J. Marsh, “Texas, Our Texas,” is definitely another song that all Texans know and has been the official state song of Texas since 1929. 

“Texas Flood” 

Released originally in 1958 by Larry Davis, “Texas Flood” is a blues classic that was made famous in 1983 by Stevie Ray Vaughan.  

texas train tracks covered in bluebonnets at sunset, best songs about texas country music

“What I Like About Texas”

Released in 1984 by Gary P. Nunn, “What I Like About Texas” is just that; a list of all the amazing things about the Lone Star State that the singer loves.  

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“Houston is Hot Tonight”

Released in 1981 by Iggy Pop, “Houston is Hot Tonight” gives a shout-out to the biggest city in Texas and its popular nightlife scene. 

view of the houston skyline at night, the perfect time for seeking out romantic things to do in houston and houston date ideas

“Deep in the Heart of Texas” 

Released in 1942 by Gene Autry, “Deep in the Heart of Texas” is another popular Texas song that touches on the charm of the state.  

 Like “God Blessed Texas”, “Deep in the Heart of Texas” is practically synonymous with Texas road trips and belongs on any Texan’s road trip playlist!

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“Texas Lullaby”

Released in 1976 by David Allan Cole, “Texas Lullaby” is a song that reminisces on the past and the song his father sang to him as a child. 

statue of a woman holding a child in the umlauf sculpture garden on a fall day, a great stop during 3 days in austin

“Texas (When I Die)”

Released in 1978 by Tanya Tucker, “Texas (When I Die)” claims that Texas is the next best place to go if you can not go to heaven when you die.  

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“Texas Pride”

Released in 2001 by Miranda Lambert, “Texas Pride” is another song from a Texas native that is proud of being from the Lone Star State. 

red barn with texas flag painted on the side, one of the beautiful places in texas to visit

“My Texas”

Released in 2012 by the Josh Abbott Band, “My Texas” gives all the examples of why Texas is such a great state and what makes it such an amazing place to live. 


Released in 2008 by R.E.M., “Houston” is a moving Texas song written about Hurricane Katrina refugees who moved to Texas. 

  downtown houston skyline as seen from across a reflecting pool, best quotes about houston sayings

“Texas Tornado” 

Released in 1994 by Tracy Lawrence, “Texas Tornado” is a ballad comparing the woman in his life as a Texas Tornado blowing him away.  

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“Ohio (Come Back To Texas)”

Released in 2004 by Bowling for Soup, “Ohio (Come Back To Texas)” is a song begging the woman he loves to come back to Texas and not to forget where she came from.  

photo of a brown and white longhorn at sunset. what is texas known for includes its cattle. texas is famous for cattle and ranching


Released in 1975 by Charlie Daniels Band, “Texas” is a tune dedicated to nothing more than the Lone Star State. 

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“San Antonio Rose” 

Released in 1940 by Bob Wills and His Texas Playboys, “San Antonio Rose” tells of the love to be found and lost in the romantic city.  

walled gardens alamo with large live oak tree shading the area

“Good Texan”

Released in 1990 by the Vaughan Brothers, “Good Texan” is a song by brothers Jimmie and Stevie Ray Vaughan that touches on the love that Texans have to give. 

statue of guitar of stevie ray vaughan in austin texas, who sang celebrated songs about texas

“The Eyes of Texas” 

Written in 1903 by John Sinclair, “The Eyes of Texas” is the school spirit song of the University of Texas at Austin, but is well-known by all Texans. 

This song has an unflattering and complicated history, but there’s no doubt that it remains one of the most famous songs about Texas.

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“That’s Right (You’re Not from Texas)” 

Released in 1996 by Lyle Lovett, “That’s Right (You’re Not from Texas)” slightly mocks those not from Texas but claims Texas wants you anyway. 

jeremy storm and ranger storm at chalk ridge falls park, one of the best road trip stops when driving from austin to dallas tx

“Gone to Texas” 

Released in 1996 by Terry Allen, “Gone to Texas” is another Texas favorite where Allen claims all he needs is Texas. 

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“Rolling Stone from Texas” 

Released in 1998 by Don Walser, “Rolling Stone from Texas” declares no matter where he roams Texas is always home. 

sunset over the great plains, one of the four regions of texas


Released in 1972 by Joe Ely, “Dallas” is a cynical but popular song about the Texas city that does claim it to be beautiful from the sky at night. 

view of dallas skyline from reunion tower, one of the best things to do in north texas

“Headin’ for the Texas Border”

Released in 1970 by the Flamin’ Groovies, “Headin’ for the Texas Border” is a rock song that highlights the state and how sometimes you need to escape. 

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“Trinity River Blues” 

Released in 1929 by T-Bone Walker, “Trinity River Blues” is a famous blues song about the Trinity River in Texas and how it has done him wrong. 

Trinity River from above with trees lining either side. Trinity River is near many of the best hikes in dallas tx

“El Paso” 

Released in 1959 by Marty Robbins, “El Paso” is a western ballad about the love and tragedy he experienced in the West Texas town.  

skyline of el paso at night with mountains in the background. there are lots of fun things to do in el paso tx

“Blind in Texas”

Released in 1985 by W.A.S.P, “Blind in Texas” is a drinking anthem song that chronicles the late-night fun in the state.

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“Texas Flyer”

Released in 1974 by Freddie King, “Texas Flyer” is a blues song about traveling across the Lone Star State.  

aerial view of scenic road in palo duro canyon, one of the best day trips from amarillo tx

“Texas Radio and the Big Beat”

Released in 1968 by The Doors, “Texas Radio and the Big Beat” is a poetic song with a deep meaning that nonetheless gives a shout-out to the power of Texas radio.  

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“La Grange”

Released in 1973 by ZZ Top, “La Grange” is a very popular song by the band that almost everyone recognizes as soon as the guitar riff starts and tells about a little well-known place in the town of La Grange.   

courthouse of la grange texas, the song is celebrated in the famous texas songs "la grange"


Released in 2001 by Blake Shelton, “Austin” tells the story of a man pining for his love, who left him to return to her hometown of Austin, Texas.

“Austin” was Blake Shelton’s breakout hit, and it only makes sense that the singer would rise in fame due to a heartwarming song about Texas!

greetings from austin mural with roadside relics sign to the right

“West Texas Highway” 

Released in 1998 by Lyle Lovett, “West Texas Highway” is a story about picking up a hitchhiker driving across West Texas. 

open road in west texas near sunset. some of the best weekend getaways from san antonio tx are in west tx

“Texas Time” 

Released in 2018 by Keith Urban, “Texas Time” the singer claims the superiority of Texas (especially Texas women) where the people smile, are real, and make you feel like your home.   

 Texas country music fans are bound to relate!

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“Texas Was You” by Jason Aldean

Released in 2010 by Jason Aldean, “Texas Was You” tells of a breakup and how Texas reminds him of his lost love.  

couple posing with a horse on a ranch. horseback riding is one of the best dallas date ideas for couples

“Galveston Bay”

Released in 1995 by Bruce Springsteen, “Galveston Bay” is a story of two Vietnam War soldiers that settle on the Texas coast and the racism and prejudice that follows. 

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“Long Tall Texan”

Released in 1963 by Murry Kellum, “Long Tall Texan” is a catchy tune that highlights Texas and has been redone by Lyle Lovett, The Beach Boys, and many others.   

san marcos river, popular for tubing in texas

“Texas in My Rear View Mirror”

Released in 1980 by Mac Davis, “Texas in My Rear View Mirror” is a song most can relate to; leaving home and then realizing that there really is no place like home.  

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“London Homesick Blues” (Gary P. Nunn)

Released in 1973 by Gary P. Nunn, “London Homesick Blues” is another song written about being homesick for Texas and is the official theme song about Texas for the famous Austin City Limits. 

sunset over texas train tracks with bluebonnets, black and orange text on a white background reads "50 best songs about texas"

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