10+ Tips for Round Top, TX Shopping Trips (Antiques Fair Advice!)

Think of a typical antique fair or farmer’s market that you have attended… now multiply that by 1000, and you have what shopping in Round Top, Texas during Antique Week is like!

Round Top, Texas is known for its unique shopping experiences and local attractions, but the town’s Antique Week is an event that brings in hundreds of thousands of antique lovers every year.

Here are some of the best tips for when you are planning your next shopping trip to Round Top, Texas.

While this guide is geared toward visiting Round Top’s semi-annual Antiques Fair, visitors will be able to find Round Top shopping advice that will be useful year-round here.

collection of antique furniture for sale, a common sight at the best flea markets in texas like the round top antiques fair

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Planning Ahead for Shopping in Round Top

Antiques Week, along with any other Round Top shopping trip, is known for family fun and making the best memories.

Round Top is famous across Texas and beyond for its incredible antique shopping, offering an enormous variety of shops to choose from. 

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And, it all started with the Original Round Top Antiques Fair!

Held every spring and fall, the fair welcomes thousands of vendors and visitors, with its shops spanning over 10 miles of land. 

So don’t let the population of 90 fool you: this town can and does boom in an instant!

picnic tables in front of an antique store in round top texas shopping

Be sure to map out your Round Top shopping trip.

For someone who hasn’t yet visited this small yet bustling town, driving in without a set plan can sometimes be overwhelming.

But never fear-a quick map out of where you are wanting to go will have you set for the greatest shopping weekend ever!

Print out a map of the Round Top and Warrenton area and mark down some of the shops or antique barns you are hoping to visit. 

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You can stay in either Round Top or Warrenton during your shopping trip.

The small town of Warrenton, located just yards outside of Round Top, is a continuation of the Antique Fair as well as authentic Round Top shopping in general.

If you are looking for more rustic, older antiques, then the Warrenton area is most definitely your place to be.

The Round Top area, although still home to many great antique barns and shops, also has Henkel Square, a loop in the town’s center that is home to more high-end boutiques and experiences. 

Although each sector of the area has incredible sights to offer, a true Antique Week is never complete without a trip to both Warrenton and Round Top!

jeremy storm enjoying a slice of pie when visiting round top tx

Decide where to shop in Round Top based on what you’re looking for.

After deciding which areas to visit first, it is important to keep in mind what exactly you are hoping to see during your trip.

If you are looking for some old-fashioned market shopping, then an antique barn is definitely the place for you.

Yet, if you are looking for a gift for a friend or new pieces of furniture, the shops at Henkel Square may suit your fancy.

Either way, the possibilities are endless when visiting Round Top for your next shopping trip!

collection of antiques for sale round top antiques fair

Where to Stay During a Round Top Shopping Trip

Do you need to literally stay in Round Top to make the most of Antiques Week?

Not necessarily–you can always take a road trip to Round Top for a day, or even spend the night in nearby Brenham, which is only a short 20-minute drive away and also the home of Blue Bell Creameries.

On the other hand, staying in a Round Top bed and breakfast like The Frenchie or Coyote Station Lodging is extremely convenient and a fun experience!

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Not only does staying in Round Top allow for a true immersion into the experience of Antique Week, but it also allows for easier parking solutions–an advantage not to be discounted during the busy fair.

Wherever you decide to stay, it is always important to look into your lodging arrangements many weeks or even months in advance when planning a trip to the Round Top Antiques Fair.

If planning to attend Antique Week, some Round Top lodgings book up close to a year in advance, so planning ahead is a must.

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Parking in Round Top, Texas During Antique Week

When staying in a nearby hotel or bed and breakfast in Round Top, the best option is to lace up those sneakers and enjoy walking to and from each shop.

By walking, you save getting stuck in traffic which can sometimes take away from your shopping time.

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Yet, if you don’t decide to stay out of Round Top (or can’t find a room nearby), just be sure to head to town very early in the day to secure your parking spot!

Spots can be found at various antique barns, shops, or even some pay-to-park lots that are hosted by the city. 

pink chair parked in front of junk gypsy in round top texas

What to Wear When Shopping in Round Top, Texas

Comfortable walking attire is always recommended when attending any antique fair. 

However, with the scale and magnitude of Round Top’s Antique Week, comfortable clothing is definitely a must!

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Be sure to pack your favorite walking sneakers, and bring supplies to carry home your new treasures, too.

Many shoppers will frequently carry a backpack, a reusable shopping bag, or even a foldable wagon in order to make sure they have room to cart all their new antiques back to their car or hotel.

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Popular Restaurants in Round Top

Even though Round Top is known for its wonderful antiques, it’s also home to plenty of delicious restaurants that should be on your radar during a Round Top shopping trip..

One of the first restaurants in the area, Royers Round Top Cafe, is a can’t-miss spot that serves up an incredible homemade pie and takes you back into the town’s history.

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If you’re looking for a homegrown, authentic burger, then look no further than Popi Burger. 

The Stone Cellar has some of the best brick oven pizza around, and Lulu’s Italian is always a great option for those who are wanting a more high-scale experience. 

There is no doubt that a long day of antique shopping calls for a strong cup of coffee in the morning, and the Round Top Coffee Shop can provide just that!

burger and fries served at a round top restaurant during a shopping trip round top texas

Other Round Top Events to Keep in Mind

Whether you’re stopping by during Antique Week or not, there is always something fun to do during your next trip to Round Top!

Especially on weekends, you can find live music and entertainment on almost every corner. 

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Similarly, one can’t forget about the famous Junk-O-Rama Prom, hosted by the city’s own Junk Gypsy shop!

Whether you wear your favorite tuxedo or even your old wedding dress, everyone is welcome to celebrate Antique Week on this night full of fun.

Regardless of whether you visit Round Top when the events are happening or not, though, you’ll find plenty of excellent shopping in Round Top, Texas!

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