Where to Go Strawberry Picking in Texas (10 Charming U-Pick Farms!)

Nothing says spring quite like picking strawberries in Texas (okay, except maybe blooming bluebonnets!).

Strawberry season is one of the best times of year in Texas.

It is home to the popular Poteet Strawberry Festival which is usually held in April, and there are countless farms across the state with buckets at the ready for eager pickers.

There is something so nostalgic and memorable about going to a Texas strawberry farm and picking fresh fruits and making preserves, marmalades, pies, and fruit butter.

The wonderful spring weather in Texas breeds some of the sweetest and juiciest produce, and roadside stands start popping up along the highway.

It is truly one of the most wonderful seasons to explore small, local communities throughout the Lone Star State.

Sound tempting?

Here are some of the best strawberry farms to try your hand at strawberry picking in Texas!

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When is Strawberry Season in Texas?

In a state as big as ours, it’s no surprise that the growing season looks different depending on whether you’re visiting strawberry farms near Houston, Dallas, or Austin!

Generally speaking, the strawberry season in Texas can start as early as late February and generally ends by late May or early June, when the heat gets to be too much for the berries.

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Of course, that can vary widely depending on the year and specific location, so be sure to check the websites and/or Facebook pages of the strawberry farms in Texas you plan on visiting in order to plan your outing!

We’ll link to each farm below to make it easy to stay up-to-date.

Don’t forget to call or check online before setting off: due to obvious limitations in the amount of ripe fruit available at any one time, many of these Texas strawberry picking destinations require you to claim your spot in advance.

We’ve updated this guide for the 2024 Texas strawberry picking season!

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Texas Strawberry Farms in the Panhandle + North Texas

The King’s Good Vineyard

Wichita Falls is a small town located on the border of Oklahoma and Texas (in addition to a great strawberry farm, they also have a cool urban waterfall!).

Located on 5+ acres of land, The King’s Good Vineyard and Berry Farm provide you with a great Texas strawberry picking experience.

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The farm is run by two brothers who loved the farm life so much that they started one of their own just down the road from Morath Orchards which is owned by their parents.

The brothers offer strawberry and blackberry picking for visitors and also have a shop that sells locally made goods such as jams and jellies, and also local honey!

If you love your experience you can get a family membership for less than 30 dollars which gives you a $1 per pound discount on produce.

fresh strawberries growing on the vine at a u pick strawberry farm texas

Good Earth Organic Farms — NOT IN 2024

Good Earth Organic Farms is located in the northeastern part of the state and is one of the best places to pick strawberries in Texas!

They have a deep commitment to healthier farming practices.

The land they own used to be ravaged by harmful chemicals used to farm cotton.

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They began a total overhaul of the land to bring the soil back to a healthier standard and succeeded about 5 years ago when they received their organic certification.

There are also grass-fed lambs here, so if you come during the early spring months there is a chance you’ll see some babies at the farm!

Aside from the animals, you can also get some locally made items at their corresponding shop.

It is a great way to support the local community during a fun family-friendly outing.

Sadly, Good Earth Organic Farms isn’t offering strawberry picking this year, but we’ll leave this entry in place in the hopes that the 2025 season brings better news!

young boy picking strawberries near dallas texas

Texas Strawberry Picking in the Hill Country

Sweet Berry Farm

Sweet Berry Farm is the jackpot of seasonal attractions near Austin if you have kids.

Depending on when you visit, this popular Marble Falls farm offers a gazillion different activities to do there aside from berry picking.

In the early spring, there is also an array of tulips, which you can purchase as well.

They have reusable picking boxes for purchase, but you can also bring your own containers.

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There is a bouncy house, sand art, and you can paint your own pot to take home.

Additionally, for spring snacks there are ice cream and popsicles which is pretty much every kid’s dream.

There is no parking fee or admission so you just pay for your produce and activities.

There are even benches set outside where you can sit and enjoy your haul.

rows of strawberries growing

Jenschke Orchards

Located in beautiful Fredericksburg, Jenschke Orchards is a pretty popular name in Hill Country when it comes to fruit picking.

While they are primarily known for their peaches, they also allow blackberry and strawberry picking.

This farm started as a roadside stand, similar to many others, before quickly gorwing in popularity and expanding into the beloved orchard you see now.

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In 2018, an expansion grew to include a country store that sells fresh goods made from the farm’s produce, like cobblers (don’t miss it!) and ice cream.

They also have baskets of pre-picked produce if you’re not in the mood to scavenge for them yourself.

All in all, Jenscke Orchards offers a great opportunity for strawberry picking in Fredericksburg!

piles of fresh strawberries in wooden baskets, you can go strawberry picking fredericksburg texas

Charming Strawberry Farms in South Texas

Froberg’s Farm

Froberg’s Farm is out near Galveston in a small town named Alvin, TX.

If you want to shake up a standard Galveston beach vacation with some berry picking, this is the place to go!

Within an hour you can go from the waves of the Gulf of Mexico to this orchard of greenery which has all sorts of fruits and veggies.

And, since this is South Texas, the season here starts even earlier than in most of the state–perfect for people who are getting tired of winter by January or February.

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Everything grown here is a labor of love in this family-run operation.

This farm is being run by third-generation Frobergs, and the pride for homegrown agriculture has stayed intact all these years.

The store sells all sorts of fresh pies and jellies.

In addition, they host a fall festival and have other rotational crops going all year round.

This is a perfect spot to learn where food comes from and how to utilize seasonal produce, and one of the best places to pick strawberries near Houston, TX!

young girl picking strawberries at u pick farm

Five Cousins Strawberry Patch

The famous Poteet Strawberry Festival is a statewide highlight on the Texas calendar.

People from all over flock to Poteet which is referred to as “The Strawberry Capital of Texas”.

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The festival features desserts, savory items, and snacks with some sort of strawberry twist.

Five Cousins Strawberry Patch is located right in the action, making this u-pick farm easily one of the best places for strawberry picking in TX!

Their Facebook page gives live updates on the status of the crops so that you can have a great day picking as many strawberries as you can!

hand picking strawberris texas into wooden container

Busta Molina Farms

Busta Molina Farms is a smaller farm that is a big competitor in the Poteet Strawberry Festival.

They have hauls that go out to multiple locations as far as Houston.

The small-town familial touch is really nice to have when trying to connect with a farm for strawberry picking.

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You can call or text to get in a slot to go picking in even if there isn’t a formal event.

Judging by the amount of ripened fruit, they will let you know if it’s a good day to visit or not.

It is always nice to get a personal feel for where food comes from and that is the type of experience that you’ll get at this charming farm!

Note: We are still attempting to confirm if Busta Molina Farms is offering strawberry picking in 2024. 

large pile of ripe strawberries, strawberry picking poteet texas strawberry festival

Stevens Farm and Ranch

Stevens Farm and Ranch is another classic place to pick strawberries in Poteet.

The farm is known for its strawberries and keeps their statuses on social media updated with good days to go picking.

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If they see extra fruit has ripened they occasionally open up the farm on an ad hoc basis to ensure that all of the fruit gets harvested.

You can purchase a full flat or half flat to pick. A full flat is 12 pints and a half flat is 6, respectively.

If you’re interested in making a few pies or a couple of quarts of jam this would definitely be the perfect farm to visit!

two young brothers sitting in a u-pick strawberry field

Jollisant Farm

Jollisant Farm is located in Plantersville, Texas, an apt name indeed.

This farm is dedicated to not using chemicals or pesticides to grow its crops.

You can rest assured you’re getting all-natural, homegrown fruits.

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You can book a fishing trip on their farm or go blackberry picking when they’re ready.

Jollisant Farm also has a pumpkin patch in the fall.

The strawberries are used to make so many items. Notably, the “Jollipop” is a fan favorite on their menu.

Be sure to get on their mailing list or follow them on social media to get the inside scoop on when it’s time to try your hand at picking Texas strawberries!

fresh strawberry picking texas strawberry farms

KH Farm

KH Farms is a delightful, family-run farm that is another participant in the Poteet Strawberry Festival.

They are second-generation family-owned and are one of the best strawberry farms in Texas to pick your own berries.

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They also sell peaches and plums, the second of which tend to be rarer in the U-Pick farms of Texas.

You can choose to go out and pick your own or they have already packaged up seasonal produce for you to purchase if you’d like.

Along with homegrown produce, they also sell bread and muffin mixes to boost your haul and help turn your Texas strawberry picking experience into sweet treats at home!

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