Fall in Texas: 10 Fantastic Fall Foliage Destinations (+ Tips!)

Every year, fall in Texas brings with it (somewhat) crisp, cool air and beautiful autumn colors that paint the forests surrounding us. While Texas is not at the forefront of people’s minds to visit for fall foliage because of our southern climate, there are still some great places to find fall colors in Texas.

Throughout Texas, the landscape can vary drastically, so knowing where to visit is crucial to finding color in its prime. You can make an entire road trip out of visiting the different spaces all over Texas that boast fall color that brings people back year after year.

Yellows, reds, and oranges will paint the landscape of some regions of Texas, giving you a perfect place to soak up the crisp cool air while surrounded by the most beautiful aspects of nature.

Not everywhere in Texas has fall colors, especially the more south you go in the state. We have narrowed down the exact spots to see fall foliage in Texas to take the guesswork out of figuring out where to go and how to experience autumn in Texas.

cypress trees during texas fall lining hill country river

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The Best Places to See Fall Foliage in Texas

Lost Maples State Natural Area

When it comes to fall color in Texas, Lost Maples State Park is the jewel that brings you stunning paintings of reds and yellows every single year. Home to a select group of maples, these trees are beautiful all year as the wind flows throw them.

Hands down, the best time of year to see these beauties in all of their glory is in the Texas fall.

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As the fall draws near, the forest begins to transition from bright greens to yellows and reds that bring people in from miles around to Vanderpool, Texas.

You can completely immerse yourself in the fall color with the various trails throughout the park that allow you to become one with nature.

You can even make it a weekend trip by bringing your tent, and after spending the day admiring fall color, sit back and watch the stars that cover the dark night sky.

fall foliage in lost maples state park texas with a pond to the right side of the photo

Garner State Park

Many people flock to Garner State year-round to enjoy the refreshing waters of the Frio River, but people don’t realize that some of the best fall colors in Texas exist here as well.

As fall draws near, the dense forest of cypress and oaks trade in their green colors for a bright fall color such as red and yellow.

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Garner State Park is a must-see site in Texas. With 11 miles of trails, a river to float, mini-golf, and more, visiting in the fall will allow you to soak in beautiful colors during your visit.

One amazing aspect of Garner State Park is that you can decide to enjoy the comfort of one of their equipped cabins or rough it with tent camping under the stars. No matter how you decide to experience Garner State Park, there will be something for everyone to enjoy.

orange leaves on cypress trees lining frio river, one of the best places for fall in texas

Daingerfield State Park

With Cypress, Sweet Gum, and Oak trees filling the forest at Daingerfield State Park along with towering pines, you will have a perfect combination of colors.

When fall comes to Daingerfield State Park, it brings with it colors of reds, yellows, and oranges that trickle through the forest all around you.

You can decide to spend your day hiking through these beautiful trees or spend time at the park’s lake. Soak in the beauty of the lake and all the color that surrounds it by watching as the colors dance across the reflection.

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Tyler State Park

With a 64 acre lake, Tyler State Park is a beautiful oasis located in Tyler, Texas. As the fall months roll in, some of the best fall color in Texas begins to sprinkle across the trees that call East Texas home. 

The beauty of Tyler State Park is the immense variety and diversity of both wildlife and trees that line the exterior of the lake that meets you with refreshing and cool waters.

Sweetgum, Maple, and Sassafrass greet you as you go down the windy road that leads you into the park. Grab your tent and spend a night under the stars or rent a cabin/screened shelter.

east texas fall colors seen on a small road

McKinney Falls State Park

Onion Creek flows through this amazing Texas state park near Austin, and it is lined with giant Bald Cypress trees and Red Oaks that paint the creek with reflections of yellows and reds. 

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With around nine miles of trails, you can truly immerse yourself in the rugged beauty that Mckinney Falls State Park offers all year round, but the fall brings with it a special type of beauty.

Oranges and yellows paint the scenery all around, and you can even sit back and go fishing while you are visiting.

mckinney falls water fall in austin on sunny day

Fort Worth

Fort Worth may not be the first place you think of when considering where to find the best fall colors in Texas, but it packs quite the punch.

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While you can find plenty of lovely foliage in the surrounding area, if you’re visiting the area in autumn you absolutely cannot miss the Fort Worth Botanic Garden, where the foliage is so magnificent that the Fort Worth Japanese Society puts on a Japanese Fall Festival there every year.

Japanese Garden in Fort Worth in autumn with colorful fall foliage and a small wooden bridge

Guadalupe Mountains National Park

Guadalupe Mountains National Park spans over 100 acres, and within its borders live thousands of species of every type of plant life. Being near the border where three states collide, the Guadalupe Mountains is the epitome of diversity and brings in different details from all around.

There are multiple trails to enjoy while you are visiting the few chances to see mountains while you are in Texas.

The best time to visit in order to experience Texas fall colors in all of their glory is from late October to early November. Maples provide a blast of color to the area as well as sumacs and more.

fall colors in texas lining a rugged trail in guadalupe mountains np

Enchanted Rock State Natural Area

Enchanted Rock Natural Area is a must-see any time of year in Texas. Hiking up to the top of the granite rock known as Enchanted Rock gives you the most magical views while allowing you to sit back and soak them up when you get to the top.

There are a variety of hiking trails scattered throughout the park that you can hike while you are visiting if you want more adventure after you hike the summit trail.

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While Enchanted Rock is beautiful all year round, there is something special about hiking to the top and looking out into a masterpiece of fall colors ranging from yellows to reds and everything in between.

Make it an extra special trip by staying for sunset as the reds of the sky meet the red colors of the trees below and capture some terrific photographs!

view of enchanted rock hiking looking up

Caprock Canyons State Park

Caprock Canyons is painted all year with oranges from the rock canyons that are a beautiful landscape, no matter what time of year. One amazing feature of Caprock Canyon State Park is the herd of bison that call it home.

Rent a cabin or soak up the night views under the stars to make it a weekend you will remember.

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Cottonwoods infiltrate the entire park and create quite the show in the fall months.

Tall cottonwoods slowly begin their transition in October to a bright yellow that you can see from miles away. Caprock Canyons is a must-see stop on your Texas fall foliage adventure.

caprock canyons, one of the texas state parks near amarillo texas, at sunset


The capital of Texas is home to an incredible amount of fall color–the only catch is that, like most fall foliage in Texas, it doesn’t stick around long.

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For a few glorious weeks each year, Austin’s beloved trails and parks are coated in a magnificent explosion of reds, oranges, and yellows.

Some of the best places to look include the Zilker Botanical Gardens, Mayfield Park, the Ladybird Johnson Wildlife Center, St. Edward’s Park, Redbud Isle, and anywhere that you can enjoy a beautiful view over Ladybird Lake.

aerial view of austin texas in fall, with fall foliage lining ladybird lake

Tips for Experiencing Texas’ Fall Colors

Visit in mid-October and November.

Fall is not seen everywhere in Texas, so knowing where to visit is crucial to see oranges, reds, and yellows this fall season.

In Texas, you can catch fall color during the months of mid-October and November.

Cities like Houston do not get a ton of fall color, so keeping your trip to the Hill Country and further north than that is advised.

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Pack a variety of clothing.

If you ever visit Texas; you know that the temperatures can fluctuate greatly. During the day you can experience temperatures in the 100s and the next night it can drop to the 50s.

When visiting Texas, especially in the fall months, make sure to pack clothes for every type of climate so you can travel comfortably.

Depending on the day, week, and year, you may find yourself wearing shorts and a t-shirt during fall in Texas or a cozy coat!

turkey creek trail in austin texas fall foliage

Prepare for crowds.

Fall foliage in Texas is not very common, so when there is fall color anywhere in Texas people will flock to it in droves. You can combat crowds by heading out early or staying late for the sunset.

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Research your exact destination.

Because of the variety of trees and landscapes found throughout Texas, if you are wanting to see certain fall colors like yellows, you should research your destination beforehand. Some spots will have strong transitions into oranges and reds, while others mainly only have yellow fall color.

Also, it is encouraged to research the exact spot you are visiting to get the most accurate time frame for when you should visit to see the best fall color.

close up of red maple leaves

Stay for sunset.

If you love the colors that the fall season brings, you can hike early to see the beautiful forests of yellow and red and then sit back and relax as reds and orange begin to sweep across the sky that surrounds you.

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Bring your camera.

Many Texas state parks are beautiful year-round, but to capture the temporal beauty of autumn, make sure to pack your camera gear to create some majestic photographs of fall in Texas that you will treasure for years.

bright orange trees in fall as seen on a hike lost maples state natural area texas

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