What to Buy in Texas: 25 Fun Texas Souvenirs

Heading to the Lone Star State and not sure what to buy in Texas? This guide to the best Texas souvenirs will help you decide what to bring home with you!

Food-Related Texas Souvenirs


Jarred salsa is one of the easiest–and tastiest–ways to bring a taste of Texas home after your trip.

While you can find some great Texas-specific salsas even by simply going to the grocery store, Farmers Markets and boutique shops will have incredible options as well, and they tend to be more fun places to shop!

4 jars of salsa with silve lids sitting on a white cloth
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Barbecue Sauce

Much like salsa, Texas barbecue sauce is a specific art, and no two sauces are exactly the same!

If you find a barbecue restaurant whose sauce you’re particularly fond of, consider picking up a bottle there–many restaurants sell bottles of their sauce–but like salsa, Farmers Markets and boutique are also fun places to poke around.

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Parts of Texas are home to naturally-growing pecans, and as a result, you’ll find them all over Texas cuisine, including in Texas Sheet Cake, and–of course–in pecan pie, the official dessert of Texas.

Whether you bring home a bag of pecans or a tasty dessert made with them, pecans are definitely one of the best Texas souvenirs.

Hot Sauce

If you’re a hot sauce fan, you’ll be excited to learn Texas has some of the best hot sauce around–and small hot sauce bottles are perfect for bringing home!

4 bottles of hot sauce with spoons sticking out the top. Hot sauce is one of the best Texas souvenirs

Texas Cookbook

If your trip turns you into a big fan of the food in Texas, consider bringing home the flavors of a Lone Star State in a way you can replicate at home, in the form of a Texas recipe-specific cookbook.

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Texas Wine

With over 50 wineries located on the official Texas Wine Trail alone, it’s becoming an open secret that Texas has a thriving wine industry!

Local wine definitely belongs on any wine-lovers list of things to buy in Texas–for extra fun, consider heading out to a winery for a tasting and picking up one of their bottles.

2 glasses of wine with a bottle between them and a plate of crackers and fruit in the foreground near Fredericksburg Texas


More of a beer drinker than a wine lover? Texas beer also makes a great souvenir!

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Kolaches + Klobasniky

These Texas souvenirs are really better-suited for those visiting on road trips, rather than those who need to board a plane to go home, but plenty of Texas’ legendary kolache shops offer frozen boxes of kolaches and klobasniky that you can enjoy at home.

Texas kolaches arranged on a tray with fruit and cheese on top

Canned Peppers + Chiles

Want to give your meals at home a Texas kick? Artisanally canned peppers and chiles can add spice and flavor to any dish.

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Decor + Collectibles to Buy in Texas

Texas-Shaped Items

One thing you’ll quickly notice when shopping in Texas is just how many Texas-shaped items there are, from cutting boards to cake pans to salsa bottles.

If you want a fun, kitschy item to bring home, consider picking out something Texas-shaped!


The small towns of Texas are home to a huge variety of interesting antique shops, and with a little digging, you can find some truly unique souvenirs from Texas buried in them.

Wooden door opening to an antique store in Fredericksburg Texas. Antiques are some of the best souvenirs from Texas

Original Art

Whether you’re looking for a Texas-specific piece of art or just any kind of art that was produced in Texas, you’ll find a great art scene to choose from: cities like Austin and Dallas are known for their galleries, but Texas’ small towns also have their share of unique finds!

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Bluebonnet-Themed Souvenirs

Texans love their state flower, and for good reason: Texas bluebonnets are insanely beautiful!

For a souvenir that obviously hails from Texas, you can’t go wrong with something bluebonnet-themed–and you can find everything from oil paintings to dishtowels featuring the flower when shopping in Texas.

Wide field of blooming Texas bluebonnets at sunset

Christmas Ornaments

Christmas ornaments make excellent souvenirs in general, and whether you pick up one that is specifically Texas-themed or just a pretty one that reminds you of your trip, ornaments definitely make for a fun thing to buy in Texas.

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Books About Texas

Whether it’s a locally-written guide to an aspect of Texas’ complex history or a fun novel set in the days of the Wild West, making a book about the Lone Star State one of your souvenirs from Texas is a fun way to remember your trip.

Piles of stacked books in front of a full bookshelf in a semi-dark bookstore

Texas Souvenirs You Can Wear

Cowboy Boots

Perhaps the most classic of all these things to buy in Texas, if you’ve ever wanted a pair of cowboy boots, there’s no doubt that Texas is the place to buy them.

Just be sure to break them in a bit before you go out dancing!

Cowboy boots lined up on a shelf with saddles about them. Cowboy boots are one of the most classic things to buy in Texas!

Leather Goods

With a cattle industry as large as Texas’, it’s no surprise that the state has a thriving leather industry.

If cowboy boots aren’t your style but you’d still like to pick up a piece of local leather, you can also consider a wallet, belt, pair of shoes, or handbag!

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Cowboy Hat

The prices for cowboy hats can vary dramatically depending on quality, so if you’re not likely to wear the hat in your daily life, you might want to consider more of a budget option.

Regardless of how much you spend, if you’re looking for an iconic souvenir from Texas, a cowboy hat is just about perfect.

Stack of cowboy hats for sale, with black cream and brown options mixed in

Belt Buckle

Intricate belt buckles from Texas vary from small, tasteful options with a Texas flair to enormous monstrosities that basically belong only at a rodeo. 

Whether you plan to wear your belt buckle or just display it, it’s a fun souvenir to pick up in Texas.

Rolled up leather belts on a table with belt buckles prominently displayed. Belt buckles are fun Texas souvenirs

Other Western Wear

Unsurprisingly, Texas is a fantastic place to pick up other western-style clothing not mentioned here as well, including simple fashion pieces, workwear, and activity-specific things like riding clothes.

Texas Sportswear

Sports–at professional, collegiate, and even high school levels–are an enormous part of Texas culture.

If you’d like to bring a piece of that culture home with you, consider picking up a sports-team themed hat, t-shirt, or hoodie–but fair warning, as far as Texans are concerned, that means you’ll be declaring allegiance to whatever team you pick!

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Inexpensive (But Fun!) Souvenirs from Texas


Postcards are the perfect combination of inexpensive, easy to pack, and easy to personalize, making them one of the best budget souvenirs from Texas!

They tend to run under a dollar each, so you can even pick up several. I’m personally partial to the idea of using the back of postcards as mini-journal entries that you can use to relive your trip after it’s over!

Vintage green and yellow postcard that reads "greetings from Texas usa"


Magnets are one of the most popular souvenirs to collect around the world: they’re very affordable, easy to find, and fun to shop for!

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Mugs are one of our personal favorite souvenirs–what better time to recall your vacation with a smile than when reaching for a hot drink in the morning?

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